Hardware tutorial

Hello, I searched everywhere for a concrete hardware list but I couldn’t find one. Basicaly I want to know every piece of equipment I need to run AgOpenGPS and if they need to be combatible with arduino or other boards. Can you help me?

I second this idea, and hope someone can take time to do it.

It is relatively easy to list every necessary piece for a working solution but it is pretty much impossible to list all possible combinations. The flexibility of AOG has almost become a burden, specifically for newcomers.

Perhaps no easy to agree on a single combination of HW for beginners. I’d say an old approach, Ardusimple SimpleRT2B, PCBV2, cytron, cmps14/BNOxx, Phidgets motor…

Anyone who prefers to purchase a cheap Opel Corsa and the steer motor there, can dig out instructions from existing threads and messages spread throughout the forum. Even support for hydraulic steering may be omitted from the very basic and well documented starter guide?

One might consider that this is already covered with the existing documentation?

Thank you.

Was just reading another forum, not sure if Andy has posted the same here:

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Thank you

This gentelman who posted this in the farming forum makes mention of being able to buy a pcb with all the components on it. Is there a source in the US or north americaa that sells boards with everything installed ?

I still have a couple of each AiO PCBs available, shipping from Canada. Send me a PM.


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