Have no clue what I’m doing

Is there anyone who’s willing to talk me through what I need in simple terms? I’ve scrolled and scrolled through all the information and it doesn’t seem to go in just goes straight over my head.

Thank you

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What are you wanting/ hoping to achieve?
Everything you need to know is on the github

Hello, i have two tractors with agopen but on com ports.

Now i’m making thjrd but on udp.
I got gps and imu over udp butt steer (angle) i do not.
Can some one tell me on what pins on teensy is going scl and sda from ads115?

Ive tried on same sda/scl (18-19) pins where is imu, it does not work. Then i found some dual gls board scheme ,there is on 16/17 pins but does nkt work either.
When i put on nano ads it works.

Full rtk auto steer preferably with hydraulic rather than electric motor. I’ve read all the forums and it just seems confusing all the abbreviation’s for things, tried to find a list of required parts but there’s too many options! :joy::joy:

Are you wanting to build your own pcb or buy a pres assembled one?
The latest boards are the v4.2 micro and standard i think.
You’ll also need the baraki hydraulic valve

Id buy one if it’s an option at a reasonable price

Theres people selling pre assembled boards in most countries. Where abouts are you. At the bottom of the forum page i think there is a sales section
Getting hold of the baraki hydraulic valve might be the hardest, he was awfully busy trying to keep up with demand and getting hold of him isn’t the easiest.
What tractor are you fitting it to
If you do decide to order and build your own pcb there is no end of information and help available on here

We’re based in the Uk. Hopefully going to make two setups eventually. 6718 Mf first and then 7718.

I should have a bunch of pre assembled AIO boards by the end of next week that I have been shipping internationally. There isn’t anything in stock at the moment but they will be up on www.diyfarmtech.ca when they are.

Thanks that would be great, I’m guessing it’s the micro one v4.1 I need?

First it sound like you make a birds nest system (not an AIO PCB)
So you put ads1115 on nano and then ads1115 work and you can see steer angle in AOG.
But ads1115 is 5 V and teensy is 3.3 v so you need a level converter between ads1115 and teensy.

I need 2.2k resistors on 3.3v and sda/scl ?

I menaged to work, it was soldering problem.

INTERNAL LOW-DRIFT VOLTAGE REFERENCE: The ADS1113/4/5 operate from a single power supply ranging from 2.0V to 5.5V.
ASD115 works just like imu BNO085 ? from script Autosteer_gps_teensy_v4_1 the is line

// booleans to see if we are using CMPS or BNO08x
bool useCMPS = false;
bool useBNO08x = false;

//CMPS always x60
#define CMPS14_ADDRESS 0x60

// BNO08x address variables to check where it is
const uint8_t bno08xAddresses[] = { 0x4A, 0x4B };
const int16_t nrBNO08xAdresses = sizeof(bno08xAddresses) / sizeof(bno08xAddresses[0]);
uint8_t bno08xAddress;
BNO080 bno08x;

and from documentation of ADS115

The I2C bus address selection

To change the 7-bit address from the default 0x48 (1001000), you should connect the ADR pin to:

  • 0x48 (1001000) ADR → GND
  • 0x49 (1001001) ADR → VDD
  • 0x4A (1001010) ADR → SDA
  • 0x4B (1001011) ADR → SCL

doesn’t this result from a different address set by default in ADS115 ?

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Where is other conection of resistors go?One is to scl/sda and other to to 3.3V ?

Are either of them steer ready?

I think this guy is selling some in the UK:

Whereabouts in the UK are you? If Highlands, I could perhaps help

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Just sent you a PM.

Nope not steer ready, the 6718 has a steering sensor 7718 doesn’t. Cumbria, northwest.

I am afraid you get a problem when you connect the 5 v WAS signal to ads, if ads voltage is only 3.3 v

It is a 4 layers board, so check the schematics

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does anyone have schrmatics of all in one board?
I searched but i cant find it.