Having Trouble connecting F9P

Cant seem to get the F9p to connect inside ag open GPS, it is running in u-center showing position but when I try to connect in the program it just says it cant connect. All Programs are the latest version.

Had this trouble when I started. Close down the u centre program, do not have it running in the background as its takes over the comm port needed for agopen

Thanks man, guess that might have been it bc it for no reason started working after I gave up and closed everything…

Check baud rate in ucenter matches what you are using in aog

One COM port can only be ran by one software at the same time and same baud rate. If its running in u-center you can’t run it in aog also. Same goes for arduinos(and everything) for example if you are looking serial monitor in arduinoIDE. That port is in use and can’t be used elsewhere until you close serial monitor.