Help for a new member of this community

Hello to everyone!
I am new to this forum and also i have recently decided to build an autosteer system for my farm (it’s a small farm in Romania) but i lack extensive knowledge about all the systems that need to be put together in order to have a fully functional autosteer system. My main problem is that i get lost in the information about the hardware that is needed (Arduino nano, pcb etc) and i wander if someone can help me with a complete diagram with all the systems connected (for the soldering job) and an updated part list . I will do the soldiering job nu and the mounts for the steering.
I have seen that many users tried different approaches and i get confused.
I would be more than grateful if someone can help me and i apologize if i asked something stupid or irelevand. Also i excuse for any spelling mistakes, but as you can see English isn’t my native language.
Best regards

Hello welcome, please review these links, there is no standard hardware as AOG is in the process of continuous development, some use different setups, please watch Brian’s youtube videos, from the very beginning, there are many videos.