Help with steer motor

Hi guys I am using 5.6.14 and have the bno085 and autosteer on UDP and the gps is on usb I don’t have a pcb so I used the old wiring
diagram and wired the components together as per photo.The issue I am having is that I can’t get the steer motor to work. Is it the case that newer versions are wired differently from the nano pins to the earlier ones ? Does anyone have any suggestions which wires are the correct ones to go from my steer nano to the IBT controller or do I have to reprogram the nano board to suit the wiring ?. Thanks Vic`

With no PCB it is easy to make a mistake in the wiring.
SLC and SDA pins are the same for old and new designs (version 4 and higher for sure)
If the arduino program does not match the version, then steering part is not going to work.
Also, if the WAS is not connected or wrong signal, steering won’t start.

Make sure you select how you’re engaging the autosteer in the AOG options, if you’re doing it on the tablet screen rather than a physical switch you need to select manual engagement, I think by default its switch engagement.

Enclosed you will find the drawing for PCB V2 which is supporting the actual code for nano 3.0

See D3, D4, D9

Doublecheck your wiring!

diyAutoSteer.pdf (35,3 KB)


You have to do some rewiring:

D3 … PWM1
D4 … DIR
D5 … free
D6 … Steering Switch
D7 … Imp means Work Switch
D8 … Remote, (Turn sensor if exists)
D9 … PWM2

Thankyou everyone I managed to get it working this morning and it looks like Ive got a little bit of fine tuning todo thanks again

Do you have any pictures of the finished product? Specific wiring? Thanks!