Hey im new here need some help C94-M8P

soo hello, need some help if someone cold help me. first of all sorry fore my bad englis. So i was thinking to make a agopen gps navgation whit u blox C94-M8P aplication bords, i need to make base station and also rower whit it (i dont have RTK base station neer by) so my qestion is this dose this kit includes all of hardwer that i need to make a base station and a rower whit RTK that works. my feelds are in radius of 2-3 km form the place were i wold place the base station. if i goth this right this is a radio based rtk i dont need Ntrp or internet the l1/l2 is cared whit radio singals right? and will the radio singlal be strong to reach at least 1.5 km range frome the base?

M8P is an older ublox single band L1 receiver, F9P is the dual band receiver.

L1/L2 are the signals from the satellite to the receiver, only the F9P will use both.

You will need two receivers, one to act as base, one for rover in order to use rtk. Both need to be dual band to use dual band. Unless you can buy or share corrections from an existing base close to your location.

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so in the packeg are 2 bored 1 fore rover and 1 fore base… its cheper then the one wiht f9p… but cann i still make it rtk whit juts l1? whit 2 of M8P bords? the acrurecy that im luking fore is abaute ±5 cm?

The M8P accuracy is still good, they just take a lot longer to get a fix sometimes up to a few minutes. They also lose fix easier in treed areas. They are RTK modules, just the previous generation of chip.

I do not know if anyone still runs them. Hopefully if there is someone still using them they can help with config files.

I am not sure what the price difference is, but the F9P work extremely well and do not require patience or waiting for a fix, highly recommended them.

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thank you

Don’t waste your money on the M8P. Stick with the F9P-based systems.

If I recall correctly, the F9P is the first u-blox receiver capable of doing RTK on chip. To get RTK with the M8P requires running the rtklib software on a linux SBC. rtklib processes the raw data from the M8P and uses the RTCM observational data from a base station to resolve an rtk fix. So you’ll need a lot more than just the M8P boards. You need Linux software expertise. This is why companies like Reach developed their M8P-based receiver that integrated a computer with the receiver and they automated RTKLIB with a nice web user interface.

To get it running yourself, it’s way more complicated than using an F9P. Two F9Ps and a couple of radios can get RTK without any computer involved at all. That’s what made the F9P so revolutionary.

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I agree to Torriem. I also got my fist RTK experience with M8P - it was fun and educating to learn, but for for working on the field it is easier with F9P. I get it, if there is no free Ntrip data available in your country.
Just take it as knowledge - stock radio settings is with reduced power output for Ublox. You have to get that special cable and Putty (tiny program) to set the antenna power to Max 20dB, otherwise range is pathetic with EU legal limits. I tied to build an amplifier, but RF modules and all the specific physics behind it was way to much for my skill level. With best settings and base station always visible, range was max 1.5km, but if you loose the sight, you have less than a minute to get back, otherwise you will be kicked back in float mode and error +1m or so.
For base station i used motorcycle 12v battery on the tripod. Survey in time 5min - suggest to switch on for a 30sec and then restart again, then mean average location was twice as better. If you are still interested for buying M8P, i can sell mine with all the settings included :slight_smile:

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I have not made a server at home. Last years, RTK data from national provider is for free, so i have to switch on hotspot in phone, so tablet has WiFi and it is done.
At first, configure your C94 as it is described in manual - one as rover, other as base and use radio link. After this works, switch to the server mode. For the base, use survey in time 4.5 minutes or more, then it is easier to get RTK FIX. Never leave your base for survey in next to electricity power poles or big objects, that can reflect GNSS signal.
Also, don’t forget about decent ground planes for antennas. These disks in ublox box is too small. Use little bit bigger ones. if magnet sticks to material, then it is good for the job.
From what country are you from?

im from Croatia tnx fore all of the infos i made like the user manuals but i cant get the fix position only float

If all the setting is correct, then follow all previous hints, and it should work.

  1. Antenna groundplane (car roof is the best)
    2 Antenna outside, atleast 10m from any walls
    3 no wind or air movment over C94 chip - put in the box

ok tnx i will try it out wen the weter gets clear