Hi does any one has experience with integrating the keya motor

Hi, Bogdan here from Romania, I want to implement the AGOPEN GPS with the the Keya motor;
Does any one has experience in implementing this solution; From my understanding the motor has RS 232 communication, and if I connect it to the nano using a RS232 to TTL interface it should work, at least one user from the forum said that;
Can you help me with more information’s;
Thank you

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I bought a motor from keya, I have no idea how to apply it, when the motor comes, I will start working.

Good we will make a team, keep in touch, if i have news i will put it on line

New KY170G Electric steering motor user manual.pdf (995,8 КБ)

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There are a few people who are working on an implementation. There are two possibilities: RS232 and CAN-bus.
For RS232 I got it working for an older motor-version.
There is also a telegram group called Keya Motor AOG where some people with experience are in.

For RS232 I recommend an ESP32:

AOG_Autosteer_ESP32 2.zip (515,2 KB)
Schematic_Keya Motor_2023-04-09.pdf (152,8 KB)

Hi and thank you, the angle sensor how can I connected it to the ESP 32, I have a Kaupoi 4.1 with nano, if my questions are stupid please forgive me

I don’t know Kaupoi, sry.

Ok, the question how can I connect the angle senzor to the AGIO, the kaupoi has a connctection, can I connect directy to esp32?

Theoretically yes. But better with Ads1115 and I am not sure if its ok to use ADS with 3,3v

Ok , so what type of set up do you have? what pcb? I understand that I don’t need Citron. Aso I tried to find the Keya Motor AOG on telegram but I didn;t find it,
Thank you

I don’t use Keya now. That’s why my setup doesn’t matter.
Yes, you don’t need a cytron anymore. ESP sends the command via RS232 (or CAN-bus) to the Keya. Like my schematic above.

My experience was, it’s not as easy to install it mechanically on the steering shaft, especially with height-adjustable steering wheel. I found out that the inner diameter of the motor is really small which makes it more complicated for a proper shaft adapter.

Finally, there are a lot of hidden costs, if you are want a perfect nice looking variant. (motor, shaft adapter, steering wheel).

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thank you, I will try this solution, my question is, how I connect the
Was to the AGIO?

So then I guess it would probably work with the AIO board. You could use the can bus to control it and use the onboard WAS and PANDA for the rest of the system.

As the shaft size of different tractor brand and model are also different, please let us know your shaft size or tractor model when you buy the motor. We will select right spline size for you to facilitate the installation. Thank you. Lydia from Keya Motor. Contact me over Whatsapp +86-13806408399 or write to me via motor@jnky.com

I found us an affordable motor on Alibaba. You can review.

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Interested, i will buy one in the near future, thank you

Hi. does anyone know where i can get some adaptores for the keya Motor? We are testing it but don’t have the rigth adaptor for the sterringmotor and the sterring shaft.


If you find someone who connects ready-made system auto-steering. they have plenty of the parts you are looking for. Trimble topcon. Chcnaw Fidayna

HI, I want to make the adaptor using skilled people here. What type of tractor you want to use? I will keep you posted with my advance;
Also how is the testing with Keya going, you are using RS232?
Thank you