Hi does any one has experience with integrating the keya motor

That’s the point, you need a machine shop. But where to get the right drawings for it ?

I found out, due to the small inner diameter, fixation with a contra nut is not possible. Especially with the height adjustment of the steering shaft’s.

Recently I found a offer for these parts at aliexpress:

Traktor autonomen fahren motor zubehör, adapter motor flansch luftfahrt stecker elektrische lenkrad lenkung motor spezielle|DC-Motor| - AliExpress

Thank you

Hi, did you used the esp 32 variant, can you give me some advice?
thank you Bogdan

Hi, can you help me with the settings to connect the motor and esp 32 to the computer:

  1. I made the connection between ESP 32 and ADS 1015- scl and sda from ADS1015 connected to DIn 21 and din22 to esp32, A1 from ADS conncted to WAS senzor;
  2. I see the Autosteer.net on the computer network;
    Do i need to set something on the keya motor programm, It is set up with keya motor data, from my understanting it is not a big modification;

What I need to do in order to see the motor in the network?
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We are using teensy 4.1 as installation.

HI, teensy with Keya motor?

Teensy support can. You can use it with can bus.

No, was not my attention to use it, because ESP firmware isn’t supported.

Maybe this helps for configure the Keya :

KY170DD01005-08 user manual V1.5.pdf (987,4 KB)
4.0-Autosteer Motor Software.zip (2,3 MB)

Thank you, I have this data, but I need some help

Did you get the esp firmware running without Keya, it’s seems you are struggling basically. You can use the serial monitor to get the debug informations and as I know there is a webinterface where you can modify the settings. (x.x.x.77 I guess) (see IP address is displayed at start) Read the setup zone in the .ino

Configure the Keya is the second step.

You are right, I see on the wifi network autosteer.net, but I need to learn more,

I did a short look for you into the Keya Configuration Manual,

(The software communicates with the control through RS232, and the baud rate is 115200bit)

Check at least, following Parameter:

0019 Control signal selection:
Set 3. RS232

0020 Control mode selection, including speed control, position control
Set 1. Speed control

0002 Rated motor speed *set 80rpm
0013 Acceleration time *for commissioning

thank you, I will but my but on the book, is a saying in Romania

I bought a motor from Keya, it does not go through customs. There is e-mail traffic between the customs representative and the seller 3-4 times a day. Those who are thinking of buying from Turkey should only think.

My experience was, the invoice which are packed by from keya was with the standard price 799$, (and not the price I paid) so the customs unluckely charged me with this higher fees!

Did you have success? I think it is better to use a router. Change the code to this router-wifi to get a connection and try to open the webinterface at .77 (ip-ending).

HI, I studied the INO in depth, is the first time, I will try on Monday, can I message you If I will find difficulties, and I probably will,
thank you

I bought a product for $640. There is $760 tax and customs fees.

I am not to sure why but when I calculate customs values they always end up being a little bit more than what the actual value is but that seems like an awful lot.

Do you know what version of user manual fits to your motor? Is it 1.5 or 1.5.3.? It is necessary to know that because the two different versions need different commands! How old is your motor? When is it delivered by keya?

I made you a new software for the newer 1.5.3…
AOG_Autosteer_ESP32.zip (639,5 KB)