How connect BNO08x or CMPS14 to PCB (V2, Kaupoi,...)

There are several ways to connect the new BNO08x or CMPS14 to the PCBs:
1.- With short cables


Kaupoi PCB V3



2.- With an arduino nano

3.-With a network connector

4.-Directly to the MMA slot
Make sure that the pins match


A note on the top picture, Ignore the cable colours, use the cable position to identify it. ie. Left to right. Some ready wired quick connectors are populated with cable colours in different positions.

There is also a discussion on it on the Kaupoi board topic as well

If wiring directly to the MMA socket on PCB V2, to confirm are the connections the same as on the mma chip? I notice they are annotated differently on some pins.

And MMA socket = dog socket?

The Dogs2 inclinometer did not use the MMA socket. The V2 board had power connections for it near the MMA socket though and It’s output went to the ADS.

The connections are the same for MMA and CMPS14, though the pins come soldered to the wrong side of the CMPS board for it to just plug straight in. Some of the pins are not actually connected to anything on the V2 board and we are only using the 3.3v, SDA, SCL and GND pins.

sory if i repeat someone but didnt found nowere so i have cuple of qwestions i have the v4.1 bord:so if someone cold help :
1 i orederd the cheep werson MMA7361 module digital triaxial accelerometer ,do i need the CMPS14 to? or is it the one or the other?
2 i didnt order bts442e2 will the board work it whitout it? or do i need brige some terminals to work?
3 dose someone have the wiering shema of the accesroies like the MD135S ? it gose were it ses motor/valve?(or on the tree dots under the arduino?) and if yes were do u connect the PWR port od MD to pwm1 or pw2 on board? and wat to do wit NC port of MD? fore now i didnt conect the port nc PWM to PWM1

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Anything i missed? Sure would like to see how MMA change to BNO085.

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Connect with short wires 3.3V to VIN(Adafruit) or VCC(Chinese) or 3v3 (Sparkfun) , SDA to SDA, SCL TO SCL and GND to GND.

Other option and better is make a IMU Module with USB or UDP, you need a second ARDUINO NANO (and arduino nano shield if you use a UDP), upload a ino file (IMU_USB or IMU_UDP).

Then you have to connect the IMU module in AGIO, with the correct COM port.

Here connections for USB

If you don’t use a QWIIC conector, 5V to VIN, SDA to A4 pin, SCL to A5 pin, and GND to GND)

Here for UDP

Remember if you are using a Chinnese version or Sparkfun you need connect to 3V not to 5V!!!

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are most soldering the wires to the Nano or putting on headers and using Dupont connectors? Which is best?

I am using Dupont connectors in BNO085 and an arduino board

The Dupont connectors hold tight with the vibration from tractor and bumpy ride?

BNO08X to PCB_v2

screwed in holds good on IMU they are combined with electrical tape holds good.

6 months with it and no problems, but you can always solder them

Good evening. For PCB v2. Can I unsolder the CMPS14 headers, flip them down to match the MMA ones, and plug them directly into the MMA slot?

I have used arduino cable to fit in mma slots

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Can I flip CMPS14 upside down?

Google Photos

No. Desolder pins and solder them other side.

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Hi guys just a quick question If I use a CMPS14 instead of the BNO055 I don’t need to have a MMA8452 or the ADS1115, the CMPS14 replaces those 3 items is that correct ? I just wire the CMPS14 into the Arduino Nano there is no need to have a second Arduino Nano just for the CMPS14? Thanks

Better 2on Arduino, and usb to tablet, but you can plug directly to PCB. Take a look at Wiring diagrams

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