How to build the most affordable working AgOpen navigation system for testing purposes.🌱🛰️

Hi, I would like to build my new navigation system based on AgOpenGPS. However, I’m facing a problem because I can’t find a ready-made answer online regarding which modules I need to buy to create the most affordable navigation system. I know that many people would recommend buying pre-made PCBs, but I want to build everything myself. I’m still learning electronics, and a project like this could teach me a lot. It’s very likely that this navigation system won’t be used in any tractor, but I’d like to build it for testing purposes. I’d appreciate it if you could tell me which modules I need to purchase to build the most basic navigation system. I’ll try to write the code myself with the help of ChatGPT 4. If it makes any difference, I already have modules such as Arduino Uno R3, an Arduino IBT-2 motor driver, and a small motor from a cordless drill that will move the steering wheel (I saw this solution online, and it fits perfectly with the project’s goal of being cost-effective and functional). Additionally, I have some potentiometers that theoretically could serve as a Wheel Angle Sensor (WAS). Of course, initially, everything will run on my laptop, but if I get more involved, I might consider buying a tablet with Windows or using a regular tablet.

Hi Hardzik
Great Plan you will learn a lot!
Go to Github Farmerbriantee/AgOpenGPS
If you spend couple of Hours on this Pages it will explain the most Questions…
This Pages are great!!
I drive the All in One PCB with Dual…Sterring Wheel Motor…and im very Happy.
If you order from Aliexpress…its cheap but need Time do make shute the Order is complete…otherwise you have to wait again like 3 Weeks…
All the Best

The UM982 is a very affordable GPS module. Dual GPS for less than the price of others single GPS module. It is also 3 band versus 2 band to boot.

Brian’s original autosteer board, the V2, used an arduino Nano, can support the IBT2, and connects to the tablet over USB. There are instructions on how to build one of those boards here: Boards/ArduinoModules/USB at main · AgHardware/Boards · GitHub

I appreciate doing this on a very tight budget, but your chance of success will be much higher if you spend a little bit of money on an Arduino Nano, a bare PCB, and a few through hole parts.

It is much easier to modify an existing system than it is to build a system from scratch for the first time. I don’t know what country you are in, but someone may have a spare bare PCB laying around that they are willing to send you.