How to save vehicle configuration/ how to use the same tablet for multiple vehicles

I am switching tablets because the first tablet I used did not have a SIM card slot. I bought a newer tablet with a SIM card slot. Is there a way to copy all my current configuration settings over from my old tablet all at once, or do I have to just go though and copy everything over?

Also, what is the best way to use the same tablet in two vehicles? I’d like to use this tablet with the SIM card in the planter tractor, then take it out and put it in the sprayer.

A backup function would be nice. I never seen it in the code.
Where are the configure files?

There is a way :slight_smile:
First find out where on your computer the files are saved, by clicking Directories in AOG

As standard they are saved in the Documents on your tablet.
There you will find a directory named AgOpenGPS, and in there the two directories named Fields and Vehicles. Copy the content of those two directories and insert in the new tablet directories of same name. You probably would use an USB memory stick.

I use same tablet for two vehicles!
Save your two (or more vehicles)
When you want to shift, use the Load function in AOG (click one or two times on the tractor to get this picture on screen) Depending on which of the following screens you get after hitting setting icon in AOG! (The 3 toothed wheels)

Thank you, that’s very helpful!