How to use the entire WAS signal

I adapted a pinion on the sensor to be able to use the 360 ​​degrees of the sensor (0.1v to 5v, and 0° at 2.5v), to have a more precise sensor.

When I turn the value is incremented up to 90 °, but beyond 90 degree the angular value goes down.
I use the ADS1115, wenn I connect the signal to pin A0, I have no value.

I made a drawing, to better understand my question

What kind of sensor? Looks like you only have 180 degrees of usable range.

It is a sensor of an Mercedes Vito. It have 360 degrees usable range.
at 180 degrees it outputs 2.5v and at 360 degrees it outputs 5v.
I think it is a setting in AgOpenGps, but I cannot find where.

I agree with m_elias it is unlikely that they would use a 360 sensor for the suspension (if it is a suspension sensor you have). It can still turn all 360 degree but remember both North and South pole of magnet inside gives signal from a hall sensor.
So when you measure 5 V you are at the outpoint of sensor at 90 degree then turn slowly back to where 2,5 V is and you have the range to one side.

Did you set “counts per degre” in the steer tab?

Sorry, m_elias is right, I connected the sensor to my oscilloscope

I will try with this one :

or this one :

The ali one looks good, but the one from Reichelt doesn’t, because you can use only a small fraction of the 360°. Look out for ones with +/-60°

By looking at the oscilloscope reading, you have a well funktionning Vito sensor, but it is not clear to me if it is a ± 45 or ± 90 degree sensor.
But why buy another one?
Remember same ground for both ads1115 and sensor to get reading
Edit: You can get Honeywell rty sensors in many different angles.
Both hveax (high voltage 10 to 30 v) and lveax which are for 5v