I already started

Hi everyone, I got myself into a jam.
I’ve been browsing the discourse for several posts in the sea of ​​information and almost drowned.

So I decided to tell my story.
I’m from the north of Portugal, my farm is tiny, only 3 hectares of corn for grain, the rest is wine grapes.
I can’t sow straight rows (yes the wine is good but not the problem :wink:) old 2 row seeder with no markers just say a blind person would do a better job, so I thought auto-steer was the solution.

Electronics and I don’t have a good relationship, and I just ordered the all in one pcb from JLCPCB.
I used the file “Gerber_PCB_Autosteer Dual GPS V5_v2.4_AMPSEAL”.

JLCPCB didn’t have some components in stock so I went to the LCSC electronics website and ordered the rest and will have to assemble them myself.

While the pcb is being manufactured, I would like to use your knowledge to find out what other components I need and where I can find them .

I’m eager to get started but you guys have to take my hand and guide me through the dark paths of computers.

Thanks for the help

I found this on eBay erlyer I’m the same no time and not the best on technology

I saw it too, but I prefer to build my own, save some money :euro: and learn new skills :slightly_smiling_face:

Quite expensive!
Do not buy, you would also have to pay tax importing from Great Britain to EU

It’s coming from Lithuania to UK/ I’m in North Wales :wales:🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

2k he says with hydraulic steering valve

Components begin to arrive.


the PCBs have already arrived (one with a extra hole in the ethernet plug :sweat_smile:)

, I’m still waiting for some components that jlcpcb didn’t have in stock, but they should arrive soon.
I don’t know where to place these components, where can I find this information or photographs to copy their position?

Hello everybody.
I already have the board built and working, but now there are some problems that I will try to explain.
1st. The ethernet port on the pcb does not work, the green light is always on but with little brightness, I managed to solve it with the ethernet adapter connected directly to the teensy.
2nd. The three indicator leds, the middle one (gps/rtk) does not light up, the other two ok.
3rd. The ardusimple f9p, the indicator leds “GPS FIX” is blinking and the “NO RTK” is always on (I don’t know if it’s normal).
4th. In AgIO the gps antenna is in red, in the log the gps module does not respond.
5th. The BNO8x led indicator is on, but with a very low intensity (I don’t know if it’s normal).

Everything else seems to be working, I tested it on agopengps and the wheel angle sensor works, the steering motor works, the autosteer activation button works.
thank you for your help.

#1 You need pins on the Teensy Ethernet header that go down into the PCB socket.

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Checkout the teensy with serial monitor

Something is escaping me.
The light of the ethernet plug is always on and with low intensity. I assembled the second pcb, I thought that maybe it was a defect because of the hole in the chassis, or that I had damaged something when soldering the components. But the second pcb does the same.
The ethernet plug that goes directly to the teensy only turns on the green light if the cable is connected, and the light is more intense and blinks.

Am I missing some component?
Please can you check my pcb

you are missing the internet connection between teensy and PCB
6 pin 2mm

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I managed to (macgyver) connect teensy’s internet pins to the board, it’s ugly but it works.
Thanks for the tip Larsvest and m_elias.

Now the AgIO panel looks like this.
The 3 led indicators on the board, the middle one referring to gps and rtk, still does not light up.
Is the system working?

It’s working, but disconnect USB from the Ublox, you don’t need COM4

if you disconnect the usb from ublox, I don’t have gps, I don’t understand why, but with the usb connected it works.

Do the f9p LEDs go out even you unplug USB?