Im new. Need parts list and help for autosteer

Hello, I am very interested in aog. I’m a farmers son trying to make the farm more efficient. I live by Lethbridge, Alberta. Im not very worried about the cost although we would like to keep it on a budget to test out aog. We have 10k dollar rtx basestation with <1 inch accuracy. Hoping it would work with aog. I have 3d printer to make the steering gear although I wonder if I can use an old ez steer thing instead🤔. I need a parts list for every item and preferably links to the items. We would like to have auto steer at ends of fields. It would be nice to keep it under 500??? If thats possible… also if anybody can send me photos of there setup my email is thanks

EZ Steer motor works great with AOG:

Thanks, that lowers the cost quite a bit!

Is your $10k base actually providing RTK corrections instead of RTX, I assume so. It probably works equally well as a $200 F9P base unless your existing base is too old to support all 4 constellations. Are you currently using radio or NTRIP? Both can be used with AOG but cost depends on the radio brand and configuration if that is used.

I can send a photo to you to see if it will work when i get back home.

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Its an radio rtk base i think.

The brand of the GNSS receiver (model info too) would be useful, also the radio modem brand. If it is Trimble, would be useful to know if the signal is secured.

Ill send a photo tonight

Here is the pictures,

dont know if this what you need.

I have 2 more just need to resize to send

Here are other 2 photos. The satellite mount is homemade. My dad made it, he did a pretty good job if i do say so myself.

Hi! On the topic of radios, I have 4 of these trimtalk radios. Can these be used on the aog? Thx

Seems all Trimble experts on the forum are busy. I’ve never used any Trimble devices and I could not find any manuals from the Trimble web site but most likely your existing radios can provide RTK correction data to a rover via a serial interface amongst others. AOG usually works with RTK via cellular internet connectivity but you could feed the correction signal directly to your GNSS receiver. I cannot remember if AGIO has any serial input option for RTK corrections, I always use NTRIP.

If you have decent cellular data coverage, you could build your own NTRIP caster or feed your RTK corrections to RTK2GO to be received with NTRIP by your rovers. Just use one of your radios to receive the correction data from your base to feed the caster. You could skip the radio link and read corrections directly from your base through a serial port or LAN, depending on the available interfaces.

An All in One (AIO) board with a cytron can power an ez steer motor on 12v, no worries there. Doing automatic U turns at the end of the field with an EZ steer is questionable (its not that fast of a motor). Doing headlands with the EZ steer is no problem.

You’ll need a wheel angle sensor. Lots of pictures here on how to do that.

The AgGPS 542 base station should be capable of sending out the correct RTCM messages that the AIO’s UBLOX F9P receiver requires. These messages may not be the same as your existing rovers, so you might need to add some messages to the AgGPS 542’s configuration. You’ll want to verify this, make a list of the RTCM messages required and see if the AgGPS 542 can send them out.

To get RTK into the AIO’s F9P receiver, you can probably use the TrimTalk radios. The AIO’s have a little header for an external serial radio. You might need to configure the radios to the correct serial settings, baud rate etc. You’ll want to verify this, find out the TrimTalk radio specifications and see if it matches up to what the AIO firmware requires.

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