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And one question came up, do i need a second Arduino for the Hydraulic lift?

with easy solution yes:

you install machine control and connect to D3 D4

and also possible more complex to do and t use:
by modify litle bit the arduino code with auto steer module using Uturn sequence link to this kind of discussion:

Okay thanks

I do not see same problem when using Autosteer_USB_4.3.10.ino on my system. It show the numbers in the same screen as you have **steer module not connected.

Try disconnect (in AOG Serial Ports ) - then scan for ports- when “new” port is ready (COM5 or something)- then click connect again.

otherwise I get same problem as you.

no the **steer module not connected is still there

There are more than one Autosteer_USB_4.3.10.ino with same name but different date, so make sure that the one you use is from latest support folder download.

On my system I can both use Autosteer_USB_4.3.10.ino and maths Autosteer_USB_4.3.10_BNO08x.ino

no no guys we have a big misunderstanding. I am using the version, DanielP has recommend on Dec 20. So it is the Autosteer_4.4.10.ino. Sorry maybe i explained my problem not clear enough. So i am now pretty sure it is a bug. Everything i tested works fine.

It’s beta code, you can’t expect it to work stable like the last release