Rear linkage / steer module

I try to find this info but unclear for me now

If we want to use the rear linkage for function up and down can we control with autosteer board or need to use machine control board ?

thanks in advance

Yes, you can use either board. it is unclear if you are wanting to control linkage with AOG or control AOG with linkage switch. both are possible.
If wanting to control linkage with AOG (and assuming your linkage currently has toggle switch lift/lower), I’d suggest making a custom machine control board that splices into the toggle switch with additional relays that are included to break control from AOG if operator manually operates linkage.

hello Apm

thanks to answer

yes target is to control switch lift/lower with AOG

at this time we can catch the signal to the board :
via I2C connector and MCP23017
directly to some pin ( D2/D5 appears on PCB V2 but i dont know for what )

as you say afte a relay board is mandatory

You can use a linkage switch like this XCKP2106G11. And you connect to the STEER 0 and GND.

Thanks Stabilo
my request is oposite
i want to control the tractor with AOG

i check th INO ( Autosteer_USB.ino)

and i find this parts: `

// #if Relay_Type == 1
// SetRelays(); //turn on off section relays
// #elif Relay_Type == 2
// SetuTurnRelays(); //turn on off uTurn relays
// #endif
// MCP_Write(PortB,relay);

This parts is keep as comment but i cannot find the link to activate this output

And D2 and D5 are not in the Arduino code
So it means we need to adapt the code to do this function of up and down with lower link

Use @BrianTee_Admin headland hydraulic lift rather than the uturn code.

@bricbric you should be able to use the autosteer board to control the uturn relays (like the machine 1 to 6 in you turn tab)

you can activate the PGN 32762 to the steerboard in AOG in the ArduinoSetting Tab.

In the ino the value to read will be “uturn”

So just uncomment the line :

 SetuTurnRelays(); //turn on off uTurn relays

And uncomment all the tab “AutosteerRelays”
And at the beginning add the pin you want to use:

#define RELAY1_PIN  5 //

Now you should be able to do something in the U turn tab in AOG

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hello Apm

Thanks for this i understand and get same conclusion in “steer” module
we cannot acces to raise and lower compare to “machine” module

We can acces to Uturn but it is not precise as Brian say

Thanks Pat
it is more clear for me

i add in setup sequence after similar explanataion

  pinMode(RELAY1_PIN, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(RELAY2_PIN, OUTPUT);

with this, it works with “uTurn” value but it is not for lower link and less precise as Brian say on video

The best way will be to build a “machine arduino” to check if the raise/lower fonction works as expected.

If you want to implement all in the autosteer module you will have to make changes in the AOG source code, right now it seam the “machine settings”(PGN32760) is not sent to the autosteer module when “Machine PGN” is checked.

If you are familiar with Visual Studio:
Maybe in SerialComm.designer.cs near line 377
in public void SendArduinoSettingsOutMachinePort()

Add something with the bool “isMachineDataSentToAutoSteer”

Maybe it work with only these modifications, maybe not! I have not tested, just took a quick look.

Thanks Pat for this explanation

I dont way to play with Visual Studio to avoid specific version

modify the “ino” is quick and easy now

use the machine arduino is better today for this point .
In my original idea i would like to avoid 2 modules in the tractor and i like the idea to Use availlable pin like this D2 D5 or use MCP23017 like @Brian suggested

Now my target is to connect to HMS of the tractor and use tractor HMS to make the sequence.
anyway thanks @Pat, @Apm to help me for this topic

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Giovanni( Giotoma) give me my expectection with out Uturn

in telegram discussion
i will share the arduino code for the Autolift in autosteer board

thanks again Giovanni (22,1 Ko)
rename as zip file
upload to the arduino

in AoG
Activate in config module “machine” hydrolift and PGN
in config “autosteer” transfert the data to the arduino

-connect your relay signal box to D2 for raise and D5 for lower
-make new field, bondary, headland
-activate section auto,headland, hydraulic like this

activate the autosteer * and enjoy

*thanks @giotoma

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If I’m not wrong, you have to activate autosteer also

Hi! do you think a pair of 4N33 would be possible as a relay to go up and down? I have some to spare and could easily add them to my new PCB. If not, what should I add to my PCB for this purpose?

Hello ,
yes i think you can try and depend of your tractor ECU wiring
if you make a test and get result don’t hesitate to share

I have a JD 6200. I have disassembled the keypad and the wiring consists of a common wire that the up / down switch communicates with two others in each case.
Any idea for connecting with the 4N33?


I open 6810 series i think it 's similar
the rear lift remote as big connector and i find 3 wire 1 common and two but i dont check how they work and voltage

With relay it is easy because no meaning but for 4N33 need to investigate more