Imu and bluetooth woes

My setup is
V2 board with IBT2, CMPS14, and current sensing. All in one box, Connected to laptop with usb cable.
GPS is Ardusimple SIMPLERTK2B connected to laptop with its own usb cable.

This setup is stable-ish. Occationally, the imu drops out (stops talking).

I would like to add section control but the rub is my laptop only has two (well worn, aka, loose) usb ports.
So I was playing around with connecting the section control relay board (4 relay module wired to an arduino pro mini) to the laptop using bluetooth. Works great!

So then I thought … why not connect the steer control box with bluetooth as well and that saves having a precarious usb cable. That works too BUT
the IMU will not talk unless I connect the usb cable for 1 sec… then its fine.

Any ideas what would be causing that?

BTW, the bluetooth connection seems to be more solid.

Also, I’m trying to work out whether connecting the GPS through bluetooth as well is worth it, seeing as I have to run power to it anyway…

You might have to add a delay at the top in void setup in the ino.

Thanks for the suggestions. Moving over to udp isn’t in the cards for the forseeable, unfortunately.

I might need to supply more info.
The following tests are done with all software and hardware up and running for 30s or more. WAS sensor readings confirm steering board is up and running. GPS is rtkFix. Field selected and AB line selected.

If I plug the usb cable from the steering board’s nano to a 5v supply (battery usb phone charger), the imu doesn’t start dispaying changing data on the AOG screen.

If I plug the usb cable from the steering board’s nano to the laptop, even briefly, the imu immediately starts dispaying changing data on the AOG screen, even before the windows ‘usb plugged in’ chimes.

So the act of plugging the usb cable into the laptop isnt rebooting the nano, but it is doing something.

edit: just tried plugging the steer box into a different laptop and it does not start the imu talking. I guess it needs to be the AOG laptop. Curiouser and curiouser…

So if you are connected and you press the reset button on the nano will it work?

Thank you so much!

Yes, adding a delay at the start of the nano’s setup did the trick!

Sorry i delayed trying that solution.

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i’m interest by bluetooth to communicate between box and tablet.
com port usb doesn’t like vibrations on my rover.i wood try to send informations to the tablet with bluetooth.
What kind of material cood i have?
Have a good day Michel


I used an HC-05 like this one

and I wired it to the autosteer nano like this:
HC05 5v to Nano 5v,
HC05 gnd to Nano gnd,
HC05 TX to Nano Rx (pin2),
HC05 Rx to Nano Tx(pin1) through a resistor setup to drop the nano’s 5v TX pin to the HC05’s 3.3v Rx pin.

I followed this website for a couple of the resistery bits

Note that you will have to get the HC05 module’s baud rate set much higher(115200). I used a different method but the following webpage’s details should work much easier then my convoluted method

After all that you will need to recompile the autosteer sketch to add the delay mentioned in this thread above for it to work consistently and will need to pair the hc05 module to your computer. Then you can do away with the usb cable.

I have since added section control with bluetooth on the same autosteer setup and its working great!

Good luck!


Thanks for answer, but i don’t imagine it will be so difficult; i hope it will be plug and play…
nothing with the project AGOPEN will be plug and play.
Now i know it’s possible to do that and to have same help to realise it in few months.

thanks for all
Have a good day Michel