IMU BNO08X problem

Hello, I am using PCB V2.5 and I have a problem with IMU BNO08X, AgiO sometimes not connecting to IMU, just one day I am turning everything on and it’s working all day, or sometimes in the morning, it is not connecting at all. Sometimes in AgiO IMU is red, sometimes it’s white, but if it is green everything is working great, it’s not disappearing in middle of work. Maybe someone had this issue and solved the problem.

Maybe you need a delay. Don’t know if it is same for teensy but here is about nano. Arduino UDP doesnt read bno when first starting up

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Thank you, I will try. Can I change the code via UDP? Or I need to connect arduino usb?

You need usb. And remember I do not even know if this delay code work on a teensy!

Hi, I had this issue quite a lot. I found a delay in the void setup of around 1 second in my IMU Arduino sketch helped somewhat, but the root problem I found was unstable power. From learning from others here I’ve found the I2c communication between IMU and Arduino is very sensitive to power irregularities. I had a seperate 5v power supply that I realised was starting to fail. Once I removed that and connected my imu to the PCB 5v power supply, and also connecting my Arduino to power via the 5v pin rather than the vin pin (as this bypasses the Arduino voltage regulator which was causing me a bit of voltage drop at 5v voltage), I haven’t had in issue since. Maybe this helps.

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Thank you, for response! Very interesting thing, if this problem happens to me more often, I will have to try it.

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