IMU box for New Holland T6 (Maybe T7 and Case?)

Hello everybody,
(and sorry for my english)

I made an IMU box that suit my NH T6 for CMPS14 and wireless board (D1R32) and I wanted to share it in case it could be useful for someone else.

All details available here :


"This box is made to mount D1R32 board & CMPS14 IMU in the battery compartment of a New Holland T6, it probably also fit T7 and equivalent tractor from Case IH.

Te battery box allow to mount the IMU outside of the cab which allow to get rid of errors due to cab suspension, moreover it’s away from water and protected.

The D1R32 can receive power on the DC connector 7 – 24v whch is perfect to receive battery voltage. Ground is set on the chassis and positive taken from an unused fuse which receive power only when start key allow (so the bpard switch of when you turn of the tractor).

The D1R32 can be used via wifi thanks to the sketch included in Agopengps v5.2.2 support file.
It can be also used via bluetooth thank to my sketch (modification from nano on usb sketch).

Wifi connect on router (or smartphone used in place of it), have long power and range and low latency.

Bluetooth connect directly on the tablet and create a COM port that is very convenient to use, power and range are lower (but there is 2 meters and I don’t particularly like to sit near powerful radio source) as drawback latency is estimated as 1/3 higher.

You may have to tweak your slicer parameters (to become equivalent to mine) so that the box close correctly."


That’s interesting. I hadn’t considered it, but it should be an option to site the whole pcb in the battery box?

I’m not sure there is enough room for this, but probably it wouldn’nt be a bad idea, the place is protected from shock (branch…), and relatively from water and mud (this is why I choose that place).