IMU brick substitute

What does everyone think about using this in place of the brick? It’s a cheaper option but still utilizes usb to be able to mount it where ever. Would agopen still be able to do the heading calculations with this board since it uses the bno?

It only communicates with Development Desktop2.0 and doesn’t seem to have an API for it. Are you aware if there is an API available? Looked at it a long time ago, but that was the reason for not using it

It doesn’t look promising. Unless a basic api from the development tools would suffice.

No, never did :frowning:

Please note that the BNO055 USB Stick was designed as an evaluation tool rather than a development platform. Therefore programming tools are very limited for this device.

Unfortunately COINES do not yet support the BNO055 USB Stick. On the other hand it is supported by Development Desktop 2.0, hence its GenericAPI will also support the BNO055 USB Stick.

The GenericAPI can be found by default under “C:\Program Files\Bosch Sensortec\Development Desktop 2.0\UserpApplicationBoard”.

Unlike the ApplicationBoard2.0, the BNO055 USB Stick only supports a limited set of features, mainly the manual Read and Write functions. Attached is an example of Python script that connects to the BNO055 USB Stick, then shows how to Read and Write data from and to the BNO055. You will need to write your own custom functions/wrappers for mode advanced configuration of or communication with the sensor.