IMU questions

What IMU is everyone using? I have built Brians PCB v2 and thought I had seen a post claiming that he liked the system better without an IMU… Can I get good results without an IMU ? I do have the MMA mounted to the PCB for roll and I’m using Adrusimple as a Rover…

Yes I’m pretty sure they are, after following this project for about a year now…

Thanks I actually did some research and found they are in fact using the tinkerforge brick… I’m still curious how crucial the IMU is since most of our ground is flat.

I’m using the brick on the roof for heading and not using mma for roll, since the fields around here are flat.

Ive got the MMA on my PCB seems to work good !..I just bit the bullet and ordered a Brick ! I need to quit trying to be so cheap !!

I don’t use anything other than gps for heading. With rtk it works great. without rtk you have to drive a ways after stopping for it to steer properly.