IMU reads 0 on startup

Today both tractors we are planting with read 0 in the upper left corner of the screen for IMU when we turned them on. This led to some wavy AB lines until we figured it out and restarted the board. Restarting the program and agiio did nothing. The whole time the IMU icon in agio was green. Any thoughts?

Modify the arduino code, i had the same problem.

What needs to be modified? I have same problem, sometime IMU is green but in program position is 0.

You say it stays at 0 while moving? It’s normal to start at 0

If you have a board using a Teensy the only solution is to restart the board.

It seems to be a known Teensy i2c issue, there is a thread about this on their forum.

The delay is for the Arduinos I think.

Yes it’s stays at 0. I just try to restaring board in different ways and sometime it’s started working, but sometimes when it’s start working IMU need to be reset to 0 position.

I always have to load a profile in this menu for my IMU to “wake up”. Not sure why.