Initial setup hardware

Hello all,

I am new to the group and new to the whole idea of open source gps/guidance. I have an extremely small farm in southern Arkansas and am looking at a cost friendly and efficient system for our 4840 and 4850 tractors. I am thinking of starting with just the guidance and working my way to auto steer as my knowledge of the subject increases. I have no background for the coding/software side, but am willing and able to learn. Any suggestions on reading material for this is greatly appreciated.

Please show me the error in what i am thinking of starting with, as my entire 150 acres is in a block that stretched no more than 3000 yards in a straight distance from our homes. The simpleRTKB2 starter kit and additional rover seem to be the best place to start, adding the windows tablets with the AOG software and starting to walk through the tutorials. As i have no experience with any GPS tractor system, i am unclear on the need for a gps antenna. If so what is the best suggestion. Very sorry for the the noobie questions, but I really would like to be as efficient as possible. If this does put me on the right track for the simple guidance, am i setting myself up for an easier transition to auto steer?

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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