Is rtk2go down

this morning my GPS just stopped working and it keeps saying not connecting to the caster but on the agio i can’t see the source table
And it crashes
As well its appearing invalid port

I’m having the same problem in the UK just when you want to start drilling (seeding)

Yeah I’m am in the UK as well but never had this problem before

I’m not in my tractor at the moment, but on my phone in NTRIP test mode with the NTRIP Client app I’m connecting and getting data from my mountpoint. So it is working and I can connect to the caster.

Here in Denmark it has been gone from approx. 10:30 to 13:30, but is up again, it seems that there have been many outages lately, is there a free alternative to rtk2go?

@Aortner did run a service I think? Don’t know much about it. Maybe just in his area?

I’ve used Emlid caster in the past with success - all of France runs on it, free to use.

Apparently my rtk2go mount points were down earlier today too.

Most of the time I use Tailscale to VPN into my home network and access a local caster. Actually I just use raw RTCM over TCP/IP most of the time on the VPN. AOG does not support that, but the Android NTRIP Client that I use with my other systems does.

We faced the same problem in Turkey. They talked about the lack of RTK satellites.

centipede and emlid caster services.

If you are using RTKBase, it has a local NTRIP caster built in to it. You can setup Wireguard or tailscale or whatever other service to tunnel into it.

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For some reason I thought AgIO supported raw TCP but I’m not sure where. If not it probably could easily.

Lack of RTK satellites? Not sure that explanation makes any sense.

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My base dropped out yesterday too through Rtk2go, currently dropped out again here in the UK for the last 30 mins or so. Getting annoying!

Yeah the same here.
But been using it. With no problems from January till now

If you want to use cenitpede:

From the mount side:
port 2101
mount point name: stick with 4 characters (all uppercase)
password: centipede

From the client side:
port 2101
mount point: same as on the base

check the caster in advance and try not to cause conflicts.

If you want to get on the map so you can pick the closest base: Déclaration sur le Réseau Centipede | Centipede RTK

First week we tried AOG via Rtk2suffer … once we switched to centipede everything is stable.

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Giving Centipede a try over the next few days.

Just checked my base station status tonight just now and the caster isn’t responding. So I guess it’s down again. hope it’s not a DDoS attack. Up until recently rtk2go has been rather reliable for me. From my server logs, it seems the last couple of days have been rough for rtk2go. My ntrip server has been restarted several times a day as the connection dropped.

Do you have to register your base with them beforehand as you do for Rtk2go?