It works! But I have (basic) questions - V5

V2 PCB + 5.4.5 + BNO08x + Ardusimple starter kit
Autosteer setup, not on machinery yet. It woks on the desktop, but before it goes further i’d like to establish the correct settings.

It’s using the F9P Aortner config 8Hz
(Couldn’t access a number of links on the discourse so got a config from the combine forum. If a newer config is available it would be much appreciated.)

Q1 - Where in AoGPS V5 do I select the Hz rate for the GPS? Where in AgIO (?) do i look to find this rate?

Q2 - Is 19200 the correct baud rate to select with this config/GPS? Can i choose any number? Is more better?



As has been said before, thanks to this amazing community and leaders who have developed and improved such a useful resource!

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The config file you want is here:

In v5 you don’t need to select Hz (it’s done automatically), if you click on the speed number it shows the GPS info screen including the Hz (10 - Frame time)

Baud rate is 115200, this normally will not matter because the GPS is using the real USB


Awesome, thanks so much

i install all stuff on my traktor steyr cvt150 and it seams to work all now afther a cople of sleepless nights
i use for testing a tablet medion akoya md99400 its probaly a bit to slow to work on the field
one ardusimple gps resiever starter kit with rtk suport and www.flepos .be registration
one stepdown psu 12v → 5v and one stepup 12v → 24v one bno085 one ads1115 one arduino nano
one hal was all from aliexpres
a 70w 27v motor from an old printer with pnematic engagement no speed reductor
it look like the pinconfig for the arduino has changed between v3 and v5 ??? that problem is solved
when you place the i2c (bno 085 and ads1115) far away (2.5m) from the arduino it give a lot of problems and become onstable

now i have to config the software
i find a lot off guides on youtube how to setup v3 and v4 but haven’t find it for v5
is here someone who work with v5 and can explane me how to do it in the correct way
i live in prov antwerpen belgium

Look at this video:

Basic Steer Settings

AgOpenGPS (tuto) V5 | Exemple des étapes initiales de réglages de la V5 - YouTube