JD 6125R install

16088449403068198476118385928246 Hi, I ordered a ride hight sensor that has 2 wires to it, one pin is “low ref” and the other is “signal”. He also told me it’s a inductive coil sensor. (whatever that means). But it doesnt read voltage but delay of response.(at least that’s how I understood it)
I cant seem to get the program to read the Signal, I have tried almost any combination of the 4 connection spots, 5v, high, low, grnd.
I did put in a small potentiometer and could get the program to show some movement.

Any ideas welcome! Or I will order a different sensor with 3 wires next week.

Merry Christmas!

Is it a ride height sensor or something else? Your Amazon link tries to take us to your order history.

I changed the link, sorry

I would buy something with a 0-5V output. I can’t say how it works but I suspect the inductive value changes as the position changes in and I don’t know how you’d read that with the ads.

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It seems you are from Canada. So get this one as fast as you can. Sadly they don’t ship to Europe.
And as @pat mentioned, they are clearing out.

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20201231_171104 20201231_171037 Hi, I ordered the princess auto sensor you recommended and it is working in the software!

I was working at installing the sensor today and I just wanted to check with you guys.
I can’t seem to get the sensor to be in the middle when the wheel is strait and reach max deflection when turned left and right.
So am I better off adjusting the zero in the software and try to get max deflection or loss a little but if angle and get the sensor closer to the middle?

Or is there a better spot to mount the arm too?
So many questions… Sorry I’m new! Lol

Happy New Year!

I recommend reading :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

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@Mueller you fund a connector that fit in the PrincessAuto Sensor? Can you give a part number? I am still looking for connector for these sensors.

I would say it’s better to be near 2.5V in the center, these sensors a pretty accurate, not a big deal if you are not using all the travel in both sides.

Here is my Princess Auto Sensor mount:
I tried to give the good geometry to have no ackermann effect, but still some.


I ordered this set, it’s not a good fit, I had to bend the prong a little wider.

Thanks for the tip and the pics.

Well this is the best I could do, would be nice to get a little more angle to the left.
I will work at getting the wires to the cab and see what it looks like in the software.

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HI guys
I have had a chance to test drive and I can’t find the setting to try and smooth the correction, it adjusts in blurps. You can see it in the steer chart.

Also (maybe related) the w. A. S is slow to show the latest angle?


Nice design :sweat_smile:

could you show your setting of “gain” in drive mode

min pwm drive value

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Also check the Frame Count number (right after 10Hz) if it is higher than 20 to 40 then your system/cpu is lagging for some reason (wrong set sim cords of field, too many programs running on pc etc.)

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Thanks!! took alot of hard work! lol
but seriously thanks for sharing the files with me. My brother works at a shop with a lazer cutter and they had a 4.5mm aluminum around so thats what we used, I had to do some modifications to make it work. I’m not sure how the bolt holes will work over time with the soft aluminum but the price was right, :wink:

This number?
I will watch it closer when I hook it up


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I took this video as a summary of the settings. I will be the first to admit that most of it is just a guess on my part.
One other question is I have the spark fun sensor that’s on the parts list for the pcb, am I wrong in thinking that’s for roll? What do I set that as, cuz anything I have tried hasn’t worked.

Open to any suggestions

You don’t have any correction at nmea(gps) input? You should use at least egnos.
And it’s 1hz. It should be set at least at 5hz.
What gps are you using?

I am using the arduinosimplertk2b
But don’t have the sec gps for rtk yet.

Could you try to increase “lowmax rpm” at 60-90

You should also check how much you can pump up min pwm , take a look at the excel file Math made.