JD planter sensor loom

I’ve put the AgOpen on my little tractor to play around with, and I’ve decided it’s quite reliable. But I’ve got a bigger one that pulls a 12row John Deere vacuum planter that I’d like to put it on. The only thing stopping me from putting it on that tractor is that I need the Greenstar monitor to use the seed sensors. My current options are:
A) Learn how to build a brand new sensor loom that plugs into an arduino and will display on the PC
B) Find somebody who has managed to make an original JD ISOBUS sensor loom plug into a PC.

Any feedback on either A or B? I’d prefer B, it seems easier

I think finding anyone or anything that will interoperate with the JD stuff natively might be a challenge, but hopefully I’m wrong. JD really don’t like to make life easy for farmers, but you know that already :frowning:

You own the greenstar monitor?

Your goal is to have a cheaper RTK system than JD?

You could also keep the greenstar for the planter and use a tablet for steering.

I don’t think someone made option B.

Search for planter monitor here, there’s someone that made one based on AOG, but an old version.

Not cheaper, superior. The whole AgOpen system owes me $1400 for RTK and hasn’t failed me yet. The greenstar system SOMETIMES is functional, and I still need to cough up another $6000 for RTK.

I’d rather trade the lump of crap in, and use the money to build two more systems and upgrade the three I would have to dual receiver. Might even have enough left over for a base station.

Not too keen on keeping the monitor because the cab is already crowded. Tidy workspace tidy mind and all that.

I don’t think you’re wrong. They’ve got an empire for a reason, and it’s not from giving stuff away.

@genericusername have you seen this?

Out Farming, LLC. 454

I have not. It’s 2am and I suspect looking at this page will take me to 4am. Looks promising. Thanks bud.

@jkpoyzer is the man working on it.

1 is a bunch of work (less work if you have a normal 30 pin harness) and 2 hasn’t been done before (also a bunch of work).

You can buy planter harnesses pre-made from various aftermarket suppliers.

Consider how many hours of the year you spend corn planting. Lots of people spend a lot of money buying that second Deere screen so that they can see both navigation and planter data simultaneously.

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