JLCPCB is asking, LED Polarities?

I got an email from JLCPCB after ordering my PCB v4.5’s. They are asking about the polarities of the three LED’s. Could someone see if they’re right?

That’s with a substituted part? Why is one oriented differently then the other two?
Have you seen this?

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Yes, I substituted the LED’s with the one you have pictured. I didn’t really notice one being backwards, this is all new to me so trying to identify parts correctly is still foreign.

I see the PWR/ETH is backwards. I’ll have them switch that one and go with it. If they’re backwards, I’ll just have to swap them when I get it. Not a huge deal.

Did you see my answer in the other thread? If they’re backwards just the colors should be swapped.

@m_elias yeah I read it, if they are backwards they’ll just be the opposite color. I’m guessing when I fire it up first time the light will be flashing red first? I’ll know pretty quick if they’re backwards.