Jlcpcb order help please! *Problem Continues

I am attempting to order a AIO PCB through JLCPCB and getting missing part ZMM3v3-M (C8056) is there any known replacements?

Still trying to order my pcb and I now am getting a message saying “No part selected” on the previous mentioned part? Any suggestions?

I believe part number C707189 should work but you should wait for someone with some real knowledge to chime in.

Thanks Brandon the message of “No part selected” is new. I have been checking in frequently to see if, with any luck the parts may all be available…, then I would go ahead with my order. But yesterday it gave me this new message “No part selected” before it was shortfall.

I saw the same thing, but you can still click on the search icon for a list of replacements. Thats were i found the other part number. Specs look the same to me but I’m no expert. I do believe the guys here are close to releasing an update to that board, it may be beneficial to wait.

I saw the same when I hit the search option but was not confident enough they were direct replacements to pull the trigger. I know nothing about building circuit boards… I asked the little helper in the bottom right corner if he could recommend a replacement and that didn’t get me anywhere.

Yes, this will work.

If this message appear then there is one part in the list that’s out of stock/unassigned.

If you can wait a little, we hope to release a V4.4 board for both Micro and Std by the end of January.
There will be only small upgrades, some part changes to address the availability issues, making it easier to order, better protected inputs.

Are the reversed TX/RX pins on the Bynav/UM982 slot fixed in v4.4 STD ?

They are supposed to be, I had fixed them according to someone’s (probably your) picture in one of the um982 threads. If I remember I will post a picture for you to verify.

Thank you @Pat! I appreciate the help I will attempt to order again today and report back!

That worked! I got them ordered. Thanks for the help

I ordered my board a few days ago with “C2857242”, will this work also or should I buy the correct diode and try solder it myself?

New problem… I just received an email from jlcpcb
Sorry to bother you, but there is one thing that we want to confirm with you about your SMT order before proceeding.

As shown below, seems the packages of the parts (R49、R50、R21、R46、R25、R56、R52、R51、R6、R27、R53、R28、R54、R20、R10 ) cannot match the corresponding pads on the PCB board, so we are unable to assemble them.

A: open the access of “replace parts” for you to change part on order history.

B: leave the mismatched part unpopulated and refund and cost of part.

Which solution do you prefer?

Your early reply will be highly appreciated, thank you so much!

Does anyone have any recommendations?

im going to recommend what im planning on doing, waiting till the new version is released, its supposed to be coming soon

I wanted to get this project moving along, but I may not be able to… May have to wait?

Yeah I’m in the same boat… it’ll probably be fine without those components but I can’t say for sure.
They have the bom and p&p setup for both the micro and standard boards and neither uses all the components

I wonder how the new board part availability will be? I am sure it will have issues too? Did you get that same email from them?

Jlcpcb stock is always a moving target. They make a LOT of PCB’s every day. Here are some of the choices for dealing with this reality;

Buy a pre-built and tested PCB from one of the vendors in the vendors section of the forum. Easy, quick and no worries about frying an expensive component. Any board from a company like JLCPCB should be tested before putting expensive components like a GPS module onto the board.

Rely on the kind souls on this forum to help find a substitute. Not always fast but less expensive than buying a board from a vendor. Still need to QA your board when you receive it.

Learn about the components on the board and how to select your own substitutes. Takes time to learn the components and tools. Not quick the first time but quick and reliable in the future. Still need to QA your board when you receive it.


I get a error when it processes the bom and p&p files.never did actually order anything yet.
New boards wouldn’t be much different for availability. They custom make the boards to your order so no difference there. Difference would be in the components and they carry a massive amount of them.

Maybe have them check again, i just looked and they show 15,362 of them in stock.