JLCPCB PCB Part Polarity and Placement Question, V4 All-in-One Micro

Hi, I am ordering a PCB through JLCPCB, the V4 all in one micro board. This is my first time doing it. I checked the box to have their engineers check it and received this message.

"Sorry to bother you, but there is one thing that we want to confirm with you about your SMT order before proceeding.

Could you please kindly check if the polarities and placements of U3, U5 are correct in the below picture? Is it okay to proceed with production?"

The parts in question are the default from the BOM (Mornsun). I am assuming they are correct but can someone help me confirm? Thank you.

This question has been asked before very recently but i cannot remember the answer. Have a look back in the aio pcb thread or the v4 release thread and you might find it. Was certainly in the last week

I found it, thank you. For anyone else who runs into the same problem and happens to see this, here is the link to the previous time it was asked and answered.


I faced the same situation. U3 and U5 placed correctly or incorrectly?