Job manager for AOG

Is is possible to tell what field and equipment AOG is currently using, from outside of the appliaction?

I use the amazing and flexible open soruce farmOS for recordceeping. It has an API, so quite easy to push working logs into it from code.

If I knew the current, or last used field and equipment, I could have a script to push this info into farmOS, and add a “Review” flag to the log.

I also use a self hosted install of FarmOS, integrating into this would be simply epic!

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Yep… One button in AOG to create the log of current task.

Edit: In AOG version 6, if you have all fields and boundaries setup, you can make a new field based on these fields. There is also buttons to add equipment name and date to the new field name.
This folder will be the most recent folder in Fields.

For example : Homefield Harrow 01012024 ( plus the folder date.)

Given that field-names matches fields in farmOS, it would be possible to create an activity log:

Activity log
Date : 01012024
Name : Harrow Homefield
Asset : Homefield

Would be a dirty hack, and definately not failsafe.
But might work…

farmOS looks interesting. How well could it work to monitor grain bin temperatures? How about entering grain movement weights from in the truck with a mobile device?

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FarmOS usually are up to everything. But you may need to make stuff on your own to have it your way.
Well worth investing time in

Super helpful people behind it, and a great forum.

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So, I wrote a plugin that logs tractor movements to TRACCAR (mainly with a view to theft tracking), but this looks like it might be more useful. Might take a look, could be interesting.

I think farmOS would be a perfect option for job management in AOG. If one would do more with the data from there, it’s still possible.
Maybe @paul121 could assist on making something serious.

He started this topic:
farmOS Integration!

@bitfieldfarm if any of this is done in AOG, you can read the current field, and current vehicle from the settings file. The field is called setF_currentDir, and the vehicle is called setVehicle_vehicleName in the app.config file. I’m not totally sure how you would read them, but a little searching should tell you that!

Nice to know.
Easy to read and parse xml files in Node-Red.

I already came up with a flow to find the most recent fields folder.
But the folder date doesnt seem to change when working on the same field a second time.

So config file can be useful :+1:

So far:

Flow to get data from the field folder, and parse it. And some dashboard nodes.

Read KML file and parse it to get the area stats.

Providing node-red is running on the AOG tablet, one can use browser on tablet to use the dashboard.
And if the tablet gets its internet from the mobile, the mobile browser should be able to use the dashbaord too.

Made som progress adding parts of the KML file to the log as well now.
Flags, boundary and sections are added automatically.
Sadly no coloring options.


I’ll research this a little.

Thinking it could be useful to list several fields with “valid” fieldname (Field-Vehicle-Date that matches existing fields and vehicles in farmOS) and provide option to save logs later if one forgets it when done.

If any want to try…
You need the following;
A running instance of farmOS (selfhosted or hosted at Farmier)
Node-Red installed on the AOG tablet.
And some time to set things up. Once that’s done, it’s easy to use.

Dashboard is accessed from localhost:1880/ui