K803 GNSS module for use

Hi, I found this site extremely DIY and fouced on precision farming, so we have at hand some ComNav K803 modules, does anyone wanna try it? I think it works good.

I see it very expensive, to dethrone the F9P, it is clearly a better receiver, but it is worth 5 times more and it is not 5 times better, it has the L5 band that is an advantage, but in RTK everything does not matter (kill a fly with a cannon ), now working alone, what precision do you get?
Is it possible to work with only one receiver?

Hi, Juan, thanks for replying.
Do you also have such K8 module at hand?
I bought K803, and the price is not so much high as you said. we just got it before new year, and test recently.
And I realized L5 is still useful, at least in my testing (Maybe our scenarios are more picky, and require the machine stay fixed, and “Correctly”, F9P sometimes is quick, but false), so we use two F9p and two K803, still performing some differences.