KaupoiMOD PCB v3

Been doing some changes to my board design.

-Added mounting holes for BNO055 even though not sure if it works there in the middle of the board. At least there is a place for connector to it.

-Moved the pwm connector to a better place.

-A0, A1, A2 and A3 pins are now gathered to same connector, in case that some day there is any use for them (lift relays and u turn relays I hope) :smirk:

-Added +3,3V output

-Moved the main power terminals a bit away from the edge, so there is more room for thick wires when using small enclosure.

-Added a 4-pin connector for the latching on-off button with led.

What do you think?KaupoiMOD_v3beta

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I really like this 2 improvements. I use BNO and latching on-off button with led on official PCBv2 board, and the wire to connect them are are spread all over the board: which does not facilitate their connection. With your improvement it’s possible to use JST XH connectors ?

Do you thinks it’s possible to do the same with one Batt In pin & ground pin grouped both and one +12V Out & ground grouped both in order to use connectors for Batt In wires and +12V Out toward 12V/24V converter wires ? Connectors likes JST JFA J300 serie (available in 3.81mm or 5.08mm pitch).

What the size of the board ?



Yes, that is my goal.

I have thought about it… Will try.

Thanks for the tip. Will look in to it. Any other connector type suggestions are very welcome too. Would be good to be able to handle at least 10amps.


Twin pads with bigger holes…



Wow very nice with the 2 twin pads !
What the pitch of the pads ? 3.81mm ou 5.08mm ?

No particular suggestions : in fact I was looking for connectors that can fit on the official PCBv2: so I search in JST website by pitch of 5.08mm. Not a lot of choice, the only connector available with a 5.08mm pad and current rating >10A that the search engine proposed to me was the J300 serie.
But du to the pad arrangement on the official PCBv2, it’s not very convenient to use connectors, so I abandoned the idea and went back to screw terminals for this PCB.
So I haven’t check if JST J300 serie is easy to find and order, easy to assemblate (does it require a very special and expensive crimping tool ?) and the price…

But with your new PCB proposal, this kind of connector solution becomes interesting again.

Cool it fit into the 3D printed box I have design for PCBv2 !

Did you plan to release this version ?


Pitch is 5.08mm.

Hard to find suitable connectors rated 10A. I was thinking maybe these would work:

Although they are rated only 7A.

If anyone wants to try this board, I can make gerber files anytime.

I think this would do the job:

-Pitch 5.0mm


JFA J320S would also do the job I think:

-Pitch 5.08mm
-13.5A for 2 pins connectors
-Up to AWG14

There is also 2 keying: so it’s possible to use a different keying for Bat in and 12V out connectors to avoid any connectors inversions.

But it seems it requires 2 additionnals holes for fixing:


That’s a big connector. Hard to fit on board.

I really like the compact design, could you upload the gerber files please as you did with v2?

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Gerber files v3.0.1b: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

Untested but should work.

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I collect components for pcb. Can I swap
Look similar.

Thats interesting. I’d like to know too. Could someone confirm if they are the same?

Anyone tried this board in action yet? Would like to hear how it works.

I haven’t got all parts together, but as soon as everything is finished I’ll post my experience

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Finally ordered some PCBs. Butchered one of my boxes and replaced pcb v1 with pcb v3.0.2.
20200717_101603 20200717_161753

Back yard testing showed up promising; BNO055 seems quite stable.

Drove some circles and IMU reading showed 361-365° per circle.
Planning to test it during harvest season at combine to see, if it really works.

I made a few more small cosmetic changes, and uploaded gerber files, partslist and other stuff to here Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

KaupoiMOD PCB v3.0.3KaupoiMOD_PCBv303


Looks great. I,m planning to build your board next.
Do you have a part number for the USB cable you are using ?

Ordered that usb cable from Aliexpress long time ago.


Longest cable I’ve used is about 3m. Wire diameter 1,5mm2.

I think MMA and BNO needs to be horizontal.

Congratulations on your work and thank you for sharing it.
Can you tell us what the differences are between your PCB (v3) and Brian’s v2.
Thank you.