KaupoiMOD PCB v4

EDIT: 16.10.2021: Few photos of assembled PCB added to dowload folder

EDIT: 19.4.2021: Fixed the part name on schematics and on the pcb.

EDIT 14.3.2021: Added parts list.

EDIT 13.3.2021: Gerber files for KaupoiMOD v4.1 can be found from: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.


I am currently updating the layout of my PCB.
What I’ve done so far:
-Removed MMA and BNO055
-Added CMPS14 and / or BNO085 (5V)
-Some connectors moved
-Added connectors for external IMU (Qwiic, 3.3v)

The size has remained the same, 99.67mm x 99.67mm.

I’m pretty satisfied of this layout, but would like to hear your thoughts on this board.
-Are the connections correct?
-What should be left out / changed / added?


Maybe a connector for the SPI in order to be able to add an MCP2515 module for example and use the CAN for machines where it is possible ? … Like on this topic : CanBus for Beginners - Super Simple

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How should it be wired on the board to the nano?

Spi so on the nano :
10 CS
13 SCK
INT Pin like D2

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Try to leave space at the “backside” of Nano so that an ethernet shield can plug in underneath the Nano. In the V3 PCB the +12 V and GND connectors don’t allow this type of mounting. In the photos below I have not pushed the Nano+Ethernet shield all the way down, illustrating the current problem place.


Different type on 12v/gnd-connector could solve that issue?
Or using extra 15pin headers under ethernet-shield?

Does anyone have dimensions for this module? Holes, width and length?

hole 3mm 35

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Do you have “Gerber” files for this version?
I would be interested to test it.

Not ready yet :grin:

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I understand
I will be waiting impatiently for the completion of the project

So many great PCBs under development for AOG now that I’m not sure if there’s any use for my version with THT parts anymore.

Anyway, I made some changes:
-More room for C20 and C21 (option for 7,62 pitch, 16mm diameter)
-Moved Nano to give some more room for ethernet shield
-Rotated bno08X and CMPS14 90°
-Removed 2 GND pads
-Moved the WAS connector
-Added 2nd Motor/Valve connector
-Added connector for CAN Bus Module MCP2515 and 2 options for mounting it

Still needs some polishing.
Let me know what you think.


v4 version is great. cmps14 good that it will have its place. As soon as the files are ready, I will order immediately.
I send you my best regards
well done

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Ok thanks!
Here goes nothing. Untested version 4.0beta gerber files can be found here: (DELETED 13.3.2021)

EDIT 13.3.2021: Gerber files for KaupoiMOD v4.1 can be found from: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.


Many thanks for the files for PCB production v4.
I just placed an order …
I would be grateful for a description of the parts needed for assembly …
Thank you

Basically same parts as v3 had. Just drop off mma and bno055. Then add what is needed for cmps14 or bno08x.

I’m starting to complete the parts.

I would like to add MOSFET to control 6/2 valve or to cut off MD13 when using motor steering. Just can’t figure out what parts should I use and how to make the wiring on board.
Could someone help me?
I guess D9(Pwm2) should control MOSFET and +12V out (from PCB to MD13 and 6/2) should be then cut off by MOSFET if D9 is not HIGH?
What MOSFET(THT) to use? Is one enough?
Any other parts needed?
How should the schematics look like?

My choice was a BTS50301. I would always take a full protected driver just for reliablity. You may have a look at my design. But it seems you want to avoid any SMD. No idea, if there are still any, but there are motor driver modules like the IBT or Cytron, but for smaller currents. What about unsing use such a module?

I’ll try to keep this version of my pcb THT-only as far as possible.
Separate module would work of course, but I’ll try to fit the MOSFET on the PCB.
Btw, your PCB is awesome! :+1: