Keya CANBUS motor - great success, many happy etc

So, the Keya CANBUS motor arrived a while back - a friend took a chance on buying one with the idea he could swap it between his Case combine and the Valtra he uses for spraying. Neither of course being in any way steer ready. I thought it was all ready to go in AOG, but that turned out not to be the situation. Bit of chat with the dev team and all thought that adding CANBUS support to existing firmware would be the way to go, instead of adding WAS support to Tony’s CANBUS firmware.

All that follows here is for the AIO boards - this works on AIO2.x and 4.x boards.

Rolled my sleeves up and cracked open the IDE - and it turned out to be pretty simple !

Stupidly, I didn’t take many photos of the build, but, well… there’s nothing to it. What you need to do is wire the plug as the following - look in the end and you’ll see the numbers, these are present on both plug and cable.


The pinout is:

You’ll be powering 12V to pin 1, and GND to pin2 - and don’t power this through the AOG board! Put it on its own supply with a big huge “OFF!” switch for safety.

Pin 6 (CANH) goes to pin 16 on ampseal and pin 7 (CANL) goes to pin 17.

You’ll need a modified firmware and while the hope is that this eventually goes to mainstream, at the moment it’s still considered as in-testing, so I haven’t submitted a PR to the main branch as yet.

You can find my modified firmware here but make life easier by using the TeensyFlasher tool! Releases · lansalot/AOGTeensyFlasher · GitHub

The source is here (note - at time of writing you want the Keya branch, KeyaV2 is under development and not considered stable at the moment): GitHub - lansalot/AgOpenGPS_Boards at Keya

So, how it works - it’s hard-coded to presume presence of the Keya and act accordingly (V2 and Matt’s version will actually spot a Keya heartbeat and switch over accordingly - so you could use the same firmware to both turn a motor, engage hydraulics and steer Keya/CANBUS without modification).

It outputs an amperage figure to allow disengagement if you grab the wheel. This figure is a good starting point:


AgOpenGPS requires no special changes, it just works as-is. Basically, we’re taking the PWM figures and just sending an appropriate steer command.


And this is what you’ll end up with !

Matt’s Lexion:


  • If nothing at all happens
    – check your CANBUS wiring (note, no termination is needed)
    – does your board have the CANBUS transceivers fitted?

    – is CANBUS mode set on the wheel itself, you might need the Keya software to do that.

Run the software, and with it connected over Serial, set parameter 19 to (2)

Where to buy:

This is the link direct from Keya’s own AliExpress store, and this is the latest version of the wheel - but note, at this time, Keya haven’t updated the documentation and there’s no information on how to order the correct steering wheel boss. So I’d hang fire or check in the Telegram channel at this time to see latest status. This post will be updated when that changes.


Whats it like to steer with auto steer off?

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I can’t feel any extra resistance.

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Can you show pictures of the mount from the side? I am curious if it mounts “on top” of the current shaft or what? My JD has the reverser close to the wheel and it is big and boxy. There is very little steering column between the reverser box and the backside of the wheel if that makes sense.

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Thanks for the pix. They make it clear how the motor mounts to the top of the column in place of the original wheel.

Thanks Andy for sharing the information. But the buying link on Aliexpress is the reseller, not from Keya directly.

Please refer to below link to buy from Keya to enjoy direct after-sales service from us.


Perfect, thanks Lydia - I’ll update the link in our knowledgebase as well !

Hy Andy
Maybe you can help me…Wird verarbeitet: 20231020_181001.jpg …
Wird hochgeladen: 20231020_181005.jpg …

Do i have to install the modified firmware on the teensy from the Aio PCB? Or i need a extra one for Autosteer?
If first can i use the AIO PCB also with Phitget motor on my second Traktor?
Greets Jakob

Use the Keya firmware with the teensyflasher tool :slight_smile:

And same firmware will still drive a 12v motor (it might need the V2 of the code I have tho, never got round to testing that if you want to try it?)

Hope someone can help. All hooked up and trying to bench test. Not sure how to check as I am not moving and kicks me out of autosteer for no movement. How do you benchtest.

Use Drive function in AOG to test it

Drive button? Where is that.

OK, found drive button on board. Thank you.

Drive function is in the steer settings in aog program. Expand steer settings to see more.

Hello there,
I’m not sure if I missed something or if its not mentioned in here. Does this work on PCB V2 with Nano on it? If so, what is needed to make it work?

Not supported on nano

Thank you very much for your great piece of software. Today I made it work without any problems.


Cool! How about posting a video, youtube perhaps? Always fun seeing working installations !

@andyinv I have been trying to get my system working with no luck so far. I have watched your video and noticed you mention having “SAVVYCAN” decoding… is SAVVYCAN required to make this work? I did not see that mentioned but this is my first attempt to get a system running so I probably missed something? I did install Keya firmware onto the teensy. I should note I do not have a gps signal yet maybe this is the cause?