Keya Motor reliability and tractor compatibility

Is the keya motor tractor agnostic? In other words, can it be installed relatively easily regardless of the age, make and model of the tractor, or does it only play nicely with certain brands in terms of ease of installation? I would likely be interested in spending the extra cash on one of these if they are reliable enough and the install is relatively easy rather than trying to Mickey Mouse together a steering mechanism centred around a dc motor such as the phidgets.

They are fine , i have done 30+ tractors with it past 2 years, no problem with non of them.

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Are there any particular model numbers I should be looking at before deciding to purchase one from aliexpress? Ideally though id like to purchase one through an official distributor and avoid that site altogether if possible.


Also, is a WAS still required with this setup, or does the encoder on the keya act as a was instead of installing one on front right wheel?

Without eas it wont work, you cant use keyas encoder becouse it dont know where wheels are …

Here is the Keya Canbus thread with instructions on using the Keya motor and Teensy firmware. There is also a link to the Telegram chat. All kinds of good info there and help. At least one Keya rep hangs out there as well.