Language Translations for v5.1.3

We need several languages translated. Here is the excel sheet.

Now it is VERY fussy to be able to put the translations back into AgOpenGPS so there are some rules.

Do not change any columns other then making the column wider you are working on, and the default one so it is easier to read. Never delete any rows or columns or reorder them in any way - or it will not import.

When you post back here, post as a txt file, AOG_513.xlsx.txt so it can be posted since we can’t post xlsxl files directly.

Before you start, be sure you fully understand how AgOpenGPS works.

Languages needed are Italian, Polish, and Ukranian.

Modify the filename to include your language you edited when you post back. Later we can add more languages once these are translated as that is another big process. Thank you!

See below for most current


I believe there is an error in the file on line 100, gsS_East, it is translated in all languages as East and not South East

I found some mistakes in the French translation. Here is the xlsx file. I hope it’s OK like this.AOG_513-fr.xlsx.txt (22,1 Ko)

The South / South East error of line 100 is also in French. Please someone correct this, I am not able to record in xlsx format.

Would SE and E etc be ok for all the translations? It is only used in the guidance line name as a hint to the direction it was created.

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Would it in any way be possible (for us locally) to remove let´s say Italian column in the xlsx file and replace it with our own language? Hoping that choosing Italian would then give my language.

SE and E would be fine I think

No, AOG doesn’t use the excel file, it is only used to fill in the resource files compiled then to a DLL.

What language? We can add more.

Peder N is working on the Danish file at the moment, I think he will post later.

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Here is the xls file with Italian language translation with the partecipation of members of Italian AgOpenGps group.

AOG April 24_Italian.xls.txt (56 KB)

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Awesome or should i say… Eccezionale!

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Updated language file. Polish, Danish still needed. Soon to be version 5.1.4 with vehicle saving, 0.1 inch snap, lookahead speed gain etc.

AOG_514.xlsx.txt (35.9 KB)

I’m working on Polish.

DanskAOG April 24.xlsx.txt (30.3 KB)AOG_514.xlsx.txt (35.0 KB)

I am sending the translation completed and corrected by the Polish language AOG_514.xlsx (34,5 KB)

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Added to v5.1.4

@BrianTee_Admin sorry can see I have got save West as “Kamera”, is now directed to “Vest” in the last line
AOG_514.xlsx.txt (35.0 KB)

How can you replace this retrieved file for Polish. There are many mistakes in Krzych’s translation.
AOG_514 (1).xlsx (28.6 KB)

Maybe we have to lock/disable the automatic alphabetic sorting. I have a feeling that it messes up the lines

So only sorted for the first english columns.
Or maybe it is because all are locked except the one language worked on, and it then sorts alphabetic and no more fit translation.

You can’t change anything but the words you are translating or it won’t import.

Well, you guys decide on a correct translation and please post back when done.

Here is the latest.

514_Needs_Polish.xlsx (22.8 KB)