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Hi, I am new to AOG, located in Spain. I am hobbist of GNSS, other sats signals and DIY electronics in general. I helped a friend to make configuration in agro guidance using Cerea program some yrs ago, but for different reasons, mainly a poor/semi paranoid cerea commercial service for spanish customers, I decided to explore other options and fortunately landed here.
To make the long story short, I am wondering if with the following already available hardware, is still needed to add a AOG PCB , or just needed to install AOG and select COM ports.

  • Phidgets motor 3269_3
  • Phidgets motor controller
  • GNSS antenna L1+L2 bands(RF output)
  • ZED9FP ublox signal processor
  • IMU Brick V2
  • Tablet Asus Transformer Mini T102
  • USB ports Switch
    Perhaps this topic is already covered on the forum, in this case, sorry, I was not able to find it.
    Taking the chance of this post, I was wondering how difficult would be to create a table for AOG spanish language, I could work on it if not needed programming knowledge, I could do it if it is just adding the equivalences from english to spanish on an excel table or similar.
    Last, I would like to say many thanks to the team for the fantastic work done.

Welcome to the forum! Absolutely, Spanish is one of the most common languages on the planet so it would be great if you could translate. It is really simple (but a bit of work as well) just fill in the translation in the column for es (Spanish). Do not add any other columns or move them around - but you can resize them to make it easier to read.

This excel gets imported back into visual studio so the order of the fields cannot change. Other then that, use care when choosing words, just leave blank if you want the default word - some are really short like Lat: or Lon: and have space restrictions. Try to keep the translated word roughly the same max length as the default ( i realize its difficult at times) but we can fix those after.

Just post the saved excel file back here again, ask any clarifying questions as well. And thanks again!

2020_02_08_06_59.xlsx (69.8 KB)

Hi, I am also switching from Cerea to AOG.

Most parts are similar, however:

AOG autosteering needs a wheel-angle-sensor
AOG uses a different motor controller (Cytron MD13S)on ctrolled by an Arduino.

I think building a PCB is the preferred way to make an AOG compatible system. The PCB with Arduino takes care of most control- and interfacing, and also enables you to do section control foor a limited number of sections. Building this without a PCB is possible, but might get messy…

USB may be used for communication, but Ethernet/UDP is also an option

Tablet and GPS needs will be similar, AOG will read NMEA.

After installing AOG you will find a folder on your desktop, containing the necessary files for building, like partslist, scheme etc.

A new version is coming out shortly, v4 which will radically change how things are done. Stay tuned.

I could try to translate it to Polish!

Once @ESCBB is done, we can do that! Maybe should call this thread, the language and translation thread :slight_smile:

That’s great! In my country, farms are mostly very small and hardly anyone can afford the solutions offered by large companies. Your program just as it is said with us breaks the system and makes agricultural navigation available to everyone. Many thanks to Agopengps from all Polish farmers


I’ve made another excel sheet with Polish. Same rules as above, short and concise is best. Leave blank if using the same wording as default. Thanks2020_02_09_08_04_Polish.xlsx|attachment (72.9 KB)

Many thanks for the warm welcome and the attached file.
I have already filled the file, but when trying to upload to this forum a message saying new users cannot upload files appears. Any solution?.

The xls link doesn’t work! Does anyone open up? Is this my only problem?

@baraki Lets try that again

2020_02_09_08_04_Polish.xlsx (72.9 KB)

Let me try to fix that.

Ok try now. You are normal user now

Ok. Now it is working.

Hi again,
Lets see if now works. Attached the excel file with the translation to spanish. Still some fine tunning perhaps needed on a couple of agro specific words, allow me pls 2 weeks to check.
I hope it is useful for part of the users. In case you decide to mention the translator, pls consider J.A. Riego as my name. Thanks!
2020_02_08_06_59.xlsx (87.8 KB)

Works well! Thank you, I shall add your name.

2020-02-10 (1)

If you need to make changes, let me know. In a couple weeks it will be completely outdated - but can make a new one to edit and post again.

That looks really good, I am ansioux to see the new AOG version to check how all screens are seen in spanish.
Many thanks!

Hi, my name is Ryszard and this project is awesome ! I used AgOpenGPS last year and it worked great.I would like to help in the development of the project and I have translated this program into Polish.Not everything can be perfect, because Polish has many terms for one word.I have to check it in practice to translate it well.
AgOpenGPS_Polish_Language_V1.xlsx (92.3 KB)

Thank you Ryszard! It worked well, still have to make a few more keys, but seems to have imported perfectly. We got most of them , and that really helps.

2020-02-11 (3)

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