Laptop / Tablet USB

My vehicle build is entirely electric which may be an factor but has anyone else had a problem with passive USB port hubs?

I’m using a laptop with two USB ports and I need four:

Autosteer PCB, ardusimpleRTK2b board, relay and Raspberry Pi. Whenever I deployed the vehicle, it would randomly lose power to the ardusimple board causing all kinds of fun.

Thought perhaps the Pi was the culprit, so removed it and tested with just the PCB and ardusimple; same result. Added a powered USB hub and the problem went away.

Has anyone else had these power issues before? Anyone else using a passive hub to power the RTK2B and the autosteer PCB?

Hello, unfortunately most of the tablets and laptops have a usb current of 500mA. around, and when multiple devices are plugged into it they don’t work properly due to current, yes I had the same problem and switched to UDP, best is to use an external powered usb multiplexer port or usb>ethernet converter adapter and combine them all in one switch box.

Recently, I’m thinking of using the following product to run only from ardusimple ida udp. (RS232 TTL To Ethernet RJ45 Converter)