Latest assembled pcb from fellow board members who have spares

Dear Agopengps community,

This is my first post after about 3 years of lurking. I’m so impressed by the latest developments that I’m finally ready to dive in fully as I’ve finally taken the plunge and purchased a (very old) combine and self propelled sprayer.

I used to repair motherboards for a living, so I’m comfortable with soldering.

I uploaded the latest Gerber and BOM for the latest dual micro ampseal design with the larger traces for more demanding motors.

Unfortunately, 9 parts are backorder and 7 more are not found.

I’ve gotten my hands on a teensy 4.1 with ethernet. Still missing a cytron md13s and the two micro f9ps.

Are there any plans for a group buy of the micro f9ps or cytron?

Furthermore, would a fellow forum member have a spare latest assembled PCB that they would be willing to sell me? I live near Quebec City, Canada.

Finally, sorry if it’s a noob question, but does the Baraki valve count as a “danfoss” valve or is there no relation? I’m currently planning on using a phidgets DC motor but I’m curious to learn more about the valves for the future. Current tractor is a kubota m105s pulling a 24’ great plains drill.

I’d particularly like to thank Farmerbriantee and Potato farmer whose YouTube channels I’ve been following for years and who motivated me to to go forward. I’m honoured to read many useful posts from other contributors here. Heroes.


If you don’t find anything local, I have a few partial boards in Australia. Majority of the SMD parts are fitted aside from the 1000uF caps, a couple of diodes, 2n2222, GPS status LED’s, AMPSEAL connector and all the headers from memory.

Can print you a case and the the PotatoFarmer universal steering mounts in PLA / TPU if needed.

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That’s absolutely great! If I can’t find anyone in North America I will absolutely take you up on it. Thank you.

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I’m simplifying so not 100% technically correct

The danfoss valves use a single signal wire, 0-12. It’s a very low current signal, the head itself has a on board micro controller and valve drivers. You’ll see a tlc081 opamp on the board for that signal.

The Baraki valves use a 12v solenoid coil for left, a 12v solenoid coil for right, and dual 12v solenoids for enable. They are higher current coils that require a cytron or similar.

A Baraki valve would not be classified as a Danfoss valve.


You will need to make an order from an electronics supplier to order the ampseal connectors and terminals. You can order the missing components from the same place at the same time and solder them in yourself.

Ordering the connectors and terminals and missing bits from LCSC is significant savings over digikey or mouser. You won’t have to cross reference parts at LSCS, the LCSC part numbers are in the schematics. Shipping takes awhile, but if you order the parts from LSCS at the same time as you order the boards from JLCPCB they’ll arrive roughly at the same time.


When you order valves from me, I can also send a complete box to AS, assembled, programmed and tested on a tractor. I use an Alu housing with caps made precisely on a cnc milling machine from 5mm alu plates. The box can be with a sliding panel or with a full profile 100% watertight.


I placed an order for the All in one PCB at JLCPCB, let them solder parts,but about ten parts are missing, and I tried LCSC, and they have no inventory either. Between amazon and digikey I can get the rest of the parts, except four FH-00133, FFH25405-S0351001K6K, C4649 and C50984. Are there replacements for these?


There all just headers, the last part is a 20 pin header, you want a 24 pin header, it’s for the Teensy and JLCPCB use a 20P+4P to make it.
It makes it difficult to mount the Teensy as JLCPCB don’t do a good job of mounting the headers square.

Well thanks. Certainly a new adventure for me. I have the old board, and the addition of the F9P’s etc is a great idea. I was going to see if the micro parts were all available but I can’t find the Micro build file now.