Log NMEA, real and target Wheel Angle, Roll, Heading, Speed,

is there a way to log the different inputs and Outputs (as NMEA, Roll, …) in AOG? Id like to collect and analyse the data later on to evaluate the quality of my system.
Greetings Bennet

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Hello, something like a datalogger?

I guess a datalogger only logs part of the data, Id like to log them all simultaneously in the way AOG gets them. Was hoping for some kind of software solution…


I like this idea. Have ask for a equivalent function during meeting of 22 January 2021, but I did not have a great success :slightly_smiling_face:
Perhaps it will be easier to do with AgIO in v5 ?


Do you know how the communication works between the different programs in v5? With AgIO, logging might become very easy :+1:

So today I was able to dump some data with wireshark while using AOG v5, but Im not able to read the hex data :sweat_smile:
Is there any way to translate this into something to work with?

Here is the file:
2021_04_04_Testlog3.txt (357,8 KB)


Yes certainly, but you have to know own data are coded.
Sorry, I didn’t use UDP, only USB so I have no idea how data are transmited in UDP.


Making some progress! I exported the data stream (between AgIO and AOG I think) as csv in Wireshark, then I imported it to libre office calc. There I extracted the specific bytes for speed and steerAngle and converted them from hex to decimal. The data I collected were only from simulator, I guess thats the reason why I dont get a steerAngle reading…
The speed on the other hand gets logged perfectly! The information on which byte is which came with the v5 beta in the excel file “PGN 5.0.xlsx”
Kind of happy now, not a simple solution but it works :smiley:

edit: I dont know how to convert the Latitude and Longtitude to something useful, also I see no way to log the deviation of the ab line. That would be my main interest, to compare that to real deviation

So this is what I get when converting the autoSteerData (I cant upload .ods or .pdf, so I upload as png):

Same for the LatLon data:

I guess it would be possible to just send for example the deviation in one of the UDP streams without someone actually reading it on the “client” side. I hope that is not too complicated, but I have absolutely no clue how to code, so Id like to ask someone to add that.

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