V 5 Beta

Press the arrow/tractor to switch directions.

Doh… That’ll do it. I swear that didn’t work for me yesterday, thanks.

What kind of gps are you using? If it does it while moving forward already, the fixes are really jumpy maybe once in a while.

What is your min speed and fix to fix distance set to? Set min speed to at least 1.5 and fix to fix at least to 1.

Ive got a request for v5: would it be possible to send for example the deviation in one of the UDP streams between AgIO and AgOpenGPS (or AgDiag) without someone actually reading it on the “client” side? Just send the data so for example Wireshark can grab it. I hope that is not too complicated, but I have absolutely no clue how to code something like that or even where to start. I want to log the deviation (and maybe target wheel angle?) and compare it to actual measurements I take in the field for my bachelor thesis.

I hope its okay to ask here :sweat_smile:

Greetings Bennet

All the streams are fully visible in wireshark, the udp and loopback. When you say deviation, do you mean latency?

I mean the deviation from the ab-line, as its shown on screen. I guess its a variable at some point and could be send via udp as some currently unused bytes, so I can log it.
I found the udp communication in Wireshark and logged it, I was able to read and convert speed and steerAngle out of “autoSteerData” and read “LatLon” (although I until now didnt figure out how to translate that to real coordinates). I was just using Simulator for testing, I guess with real hardware there are more streams and data to read?
My ouput is posted here: https://discourse.agopengps.com/t/log-nmea-real-and-target-wheel-angle-roll-heading-speed/4546/9?u=bennet.
My goal is to see if the deviation from the ab-line in software is the same as the real deviation I can measure in the field. Hope you understand what I mean :sweat_smile:

It is sent to the arduino in v 4.3.10 but isn’t actually used.

The distance from the line is used in the external lightbar setups in previous versions (<=4.3.10) . External Light Bar
There should be some code in there that shows you where the bytes with the data are. This wont work with version 5.

Thats what Im looking for. I was hoping that its possible to just put it “ontop” of one internal UDP communication (between AgIO and AOG itself) or using bytes that are unused at the moment without effecting any other function.

I started to look at V5 today. From what I see so far I am impressed. Good job to all involved.

I seem to remember reading something about being able to drive and the software figures out the radius and counts per degree. If this is true I haven’t seen where to do this. If true can someone point me in the right direction?

On the tractor setup section I find where to manually enter radius. The minimum is 100 and I need to enter 46. Maybe that field is only allowing metric. I’ve set the software to Imperial.


Steering settings page, pull the bottom of the box down and there it is.

First enter your wheel base etc correctly.

Drive straight and zero WAS. Then turn wheel hard lock one way, press record and drive in a circle till the diameter stops moving. It then works out the true wheel angle, adjust the counts per degree so the angles match.

Pretty sure that’s the correct order of events.

The tractor setup radius is unrelated to the wheel angle stuff. It’s only to work out the u turn path so would 500cm = 196 inchs ?
Edit: haha I think I see why you want 46 inches (you have the lawnmower setup)


Is there an audible alarm with this happens, or a easy way to have output for light/alarm. Would like it for if any major components malfunction ( gps, arduino, udp, maybe even tablet glitches.

I also was wondering about options for inputs for section controls. Nbd, just easier to flip a toggle than hit screen buttons.

Do you have a tutorial for dummies like me on how those type of variables works in code? also how we could customize things like that? I know everything is much more complicated than just a couple lines of code. Would really like to learn more about how to manipulate variable between AOG and arduino. Speed could be another variable.

Advanced HMI is a great thing for simple minded guys like myself. Free hmi software with a lot of functionality. Able to add graphics, buttons, charts, etc with only filling in properties and com information. All programing in VS. I was able to merge it with an older version of AOG. Worked fine. Not setup for serial com though. Works great with plc for corn dryer setup. Has modbus com component.

Sorry really went off on a tangent. This is such a great project you created. It has some of the best outside the box minds workng on it from around the world!

The easiest way I found to interact with AOG (for very bad programmer like me) is node-red. My system is full udp so node-red can pickup pgn from AOG and send command to AOG.

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no audible alarm for losing comms. but it should be an extremely rare occurrence anyway.

Yes, you are looking to monitor the cross track error (XTE) displayed vs ground truthing. AOG used to spit out the distance away from the line, but wasn’t used so was dropped in v5.

In the 5003.zip is an excel file showing the makeup of the pgn’s sent. Right now, XTE isn’t available outside of AOG and would need to be programmed.

Have not tried udp, always used usb. I will take a look thanks.

In AGIO, IP address of machine, can it be changed? For some reason AGIO gets my virtual-network address as default, and is grey, can’t change?

Well… :slight_smile: Too hurry, found solution same time as wrote that… In ip v4 (tcp/ip) settings has advanced options. There is “Automatic metric value” or something.

Going trough all networks adapters and making sure primary card has smallest metric number, windows or network-stack or something decides where to go first.

Thought to put this out, tried search at forum but no go, here it is for somebody else to find. :slight_smile:

Restarted agopengps and agio and there it is, my primary network-address.

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Where can I change the orientation of BNO085? Meaning the axle that is used for roll.

Okay, think we’ve isolated this bug a bit further.

I think our GPS setup/settings is good. RTK F9P running at 10 Hz. Fix to fix is 1 and min speed is 1, but sometimes we need to mow at 1.

Check out the video below. What we’re finding is that as you turn towards a new AB curve, the pure pursuit yellow dot doesn’t always pick the right direction, even when you reset the direction by tapping the tractor. As you can see, the yellow dot stays behind the tractor even when driving forwards, so when you engage autosteer, it tries to turn 180 degrees. The work around is to turn ab curve on and off again.