External Light Bar

This almost seems like an out dated question as I could just start building Auto-steer, however I’ll ask anyway.;

Is it possible to build or add an external light bar for AgOpenGPS?

I thought of building the auto steer in the future but till I learn the basics of the software and the system thought it would be easier just using the light bar. However with the Light bar only on the screen I fear it may be hard to see in day light as it looks a bit small AND it seems to be hard to find a tablet or PC with 1000 nits (Windows Surface looks like it’s only 400nits.)
With having an external light bar I could also put that at the front of the cab and have the PC to my side for better viewing. I have a few other farmers that would also be interesting in just basic function.

Yes, in the “autosteer”-data there is the distance to the line in mm.
So you can “easily” use that to control some LEDs (or a LED strip with individually controllable LEDs, e.g. with WS2812B).
But do not know any finished projects.

I made it with WS2812B(Neopixel) strips

Neopixel (13pixels strip) – (Arduino)

AOG setting → Serial Ports → Auto Steer Port → COM* Connect(Arduino)

However, AOG sends distanceFromLine data only in Autosteer mode (press the lower right steer button)


Nice work Minolu. I also like your steering setup on YouTube and had been planning on building something similar. Is it made on a 3d printer?

Yes, I bought a 3D printer for this project and learned how to use 3D-CAD.
I found the 3D data here.

The Phidgets’s motor is too big for my tractor, so I tried it with a small motor. But the motor became very hot ,that I have to think of another way.

Hi minolu! I have a question for you: is possible to make leds always on once you are out of line? So when you drive to come back on line, leds slowly turn off, one by one until you reach the center position

like this?

I updated at github

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Exactly! Perfect! Thank you


complete beginner here. I want to walk before I run and don’t know that I’d ever bother with autosteer as I only want guidance for spreading fertilser on grass or the like.

I’m going to experiment with some cheap receivers and an ntrip caster for correction in AOG.

Can I implement this light bar with just the Arduino and the neopixel strip? or do I have to have the compass/inclinometer etc attached for the AOG to be happy to talk to the Arduino?



Hello, you do not need anything, just Arduino and 13 neopixel led.The program to Arduino download here 'above does not work with the last aog. I managed to do a transplant of the good files minolu-jp last autosterzo.ino now works with the latest aog. You haven 'the NTRIP correction and a GPS receiver? I use a C099-F9P ublox has already 'a bluetooth connection and send the NTRIP correction by phone and app. NTRIP client. Stem italian farmer

Matt Woodhead forked and improved it to be compatible with v4.3.10.

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Thanks folks, bits are en route from ebay.

I ordered the wrong LED strip so I have pixels of 3 LEDs at a time, makes for a 2 foot wide light bar, and it’s 12v so needs external power, but it worked first time.

I nearly spent longer trying to figure out how to “drive” the simulator than figuring out the light bar setup :slight_smile:

Now I need to build some sort of test rig to mount it in a wheelbarrow or something for testing with GPS in the back lawn.

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Ha ha ha! I’ve never heard that one before!

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The farm is 60 miles away so the wheelbarrow will do nicely :slight_smile:

External light bar using M5stickC (with ESP32) and RGB LEDs Cable.
No soldering required.


Thanks to minolu-JP’s work, I made my external lightbar with AOG :
I’ve used the Atom lite and a the proto kit to add the work switch with a connector.
The led brightness can be continuesly adjusted with the Atom button for more driving comfort.
Remark : The communication is working well in serial bluetooth but does not work after µc power off or in USB.
@minolu-JP Thank you for your help !
The code below should work both with M5stick or Atom :
AOGLightbar_M5stickC-Atom.ino (7,0 Ko) !



I still don’t know why the USB connection is not work.
I tried it with ‘Espressif ESP32 Dev Module Board’ and it worked fine. Maybe it’s a hardware problem with M5stick or Atom (ESP32 Pico).
If you want to use it with a USB connection, you may want to use Arduino Nano.


thanks for your work minolu-JP
i tried uploading your sketch to the nano and it wouldnt let me,
i downloaded the most resent link in your gethub.
any idea’s?

I managed to get past the last one by telling it 13 in the line above, (i dont know if that correct)
now its giving me another error djdtyytd