V4 and V5

Last winter I made a V4 board and got it working but could not test properly
Today I tried to get it working on bench had it running with one potential issue with the steering sensor
Then the agopen screen would not respond
Not sure what happened
I thought I would reload agopen from GitHub again but could not find V4 on GitHub but found V5
Does anyone know what would be good action from here?
Should I still stick with V4 and figure out from there?
Or should I go to V5?

There are only two reasons that I can think of to stay with version 4.

  1. You’ve heavily customized it and is otherwise working well for you.
  2. You can’t get the bno08x Imu and you absolutely have to have an IMU, so with version 4 you can use the MMA.

And I also think all the previous version of circuit boards should work with version 5.

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Would that also explain why agopen gps will not open properly on my laptop
It opens to main screen but none
if the selections will open.
It will not allow access when I select
“I agree to the terms and conditions “
Others do not work either
Also page will not go away when I select
“ I Do Not Agree “
Have to use Cntl Alt Del “
To get rid of the page

Could I have another problem as well
Maybe my laptop or software

Maybe it is the problem with latest file here.
User appdata. Could not copy direct, but search for freeze appdata.

AOG freezes when You make a mistake in the COM port to connect at the beginning.
If AOG does not start, delete the following folders
C: \ Users \ AppData \ Local \ AgOpenGPS \

Make a backup first if you want to keep fields for later.
Or just find the latest file in AgOpenGPS folder (it is the one agopen try to open at next startup) and delete that one only.

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Thank you
Found the place to modify comm settings
Changed from port 7 to 6
Agopen magically works

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Can you tell me where you found this?

It’s called device manager
Shows ports
Not exactly sure how it works but I got agopen to work through the port