Looking for a Phidgets motor steering column bracket solution/idea for a 6105e Deere

Has anyone been able to figure out a solid bracket for the odd steering column on a 6e or d series Deere? I’m getting stuck at this stage and really not sure what direction to go. I plan on using potato farmer motor holder. Here’s what the column looks like, don’t really want to secure to the upper plastic piece as it has some movement when in place, would rather go to the column itself and utilize that key way somehow. Thanks in advance

On our case IH, we had luck with cutting pipe in 2 length ways. Weld hinge on one side. Cut 2 1/4" lengths off a small pipe maybe 3/8" or 1/2" on other side. Use bolt and washers. Can weld a bracket onto that. Very study. In your case. You could trim down pipe to allow room for keyway. Space hinge above key, or put Hinge on top and use a good bolt style hose clamp around everything. Maybe use angle iron welded to one half of pipe to make a good mount point for motor holder. There’s always 3d print options as well. I just have a welder and a lot of scrap steel around. :grin:

I was just working on mounting a Keya motor to my 5055e that has the same column arrangement. Are you planning to clamp to the metal steering column or the plastic housing? The plastic housing slides up and down the column for the telescopic wheel. The grey lengthwise key keeps the f/r housing from rotating.

If you clamp to the metal column, that is as far down as the telescopic wheel will go so make sure it is not too high.

Not sure but the plastic part moves a little bit so seems like with the motor moving back and forth that might get obnoxious. The column itself seems much more solid

Agree. Just need to keep in mind that a bracket on the metal column will limit how far down the wheel will go. Also, the wheel can not telescope up or down since the gear on the motor attached to the non-movable column would not align with the gear on the moving wheel.


Do you have any photos of how you did yours? Also, what 3D options for this setup are you aware of? Thanks!

I don’t have any pictures handy. I am referring to having a 3d printed clamp made to fit your column.

Anybody want to take a stab at 3D printing something for this? I’ve got dimensions on the column/keyway

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