Looking for components for pcb

hello, was just putting a digikey order together using the BOM sheet, there are several items which are on backorder some of them not available until next year! i am based in the uk would anyone be able to help?
ive looked at the part numbers and tried to find other suppliers but they are also out of stock.

On digikey they have a replacement lookup for the flagged out of stock items. Just pick ones with same specs.

Only part I had issues getting was the solder in relay holder, but found plenty on www.Aliexpress.com.

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Components shortage is a nighmare and tales me 80 % of my time
and you may have problème to find alternatives
Sens thé parts you re looking for with Farnell p/n I ll have a look

What parts are you short of?

I ended up buying things like the relay socket from Switch Electronics in Hull because I couldn’t find them available online.

Are you still short of parts? I have about enough spares to build a board so might have what you are looking for

I use modified spade crimp connectors instead of the relay socket.

Ha! I tried that, but couldn’t quite get it right. Any chance of a pic of yours?

It sometimes pays not to rush, standardization saves time in the long run. These took about 6+ months of waiting for parts, and are now heading out to three more local farms S/N 3,4,5.

5 more V2 boards to go before I switch to @GoRoNb s all in one board. But also waiting for parts, remember to check all vendors. Aliexpress, Digikey, Mouser, Allied Electric, Newark, Ebay. If you are in Alberta we have a gem of a store in Edmonton, Electronic Connections.


I had to drill up the holes, and stretch open the crimp connector so that the relay wasn’t so difficult to install/remove.


That turned out quite well!

I like the black connectors. You got a link to them?

US $3.74 6% Off | 30cm Mini USB 2.0 IP67 Waterproof Cable,Mini-USB 5pin IP 67 Male to Female Panel Mount Water Proof Connector Extension cord

I ordered the shortest right hand version.

All other connections leave through a single Deutsch dtm12PA on the back.


Don’t take this the wrong way but those spade connectors may expand over time, and thus may cause overheating depending on the load and length of time used.
As a technician I see this in the field. So as a quick repair I just crimp the spade terminal connector to hold the relay legs firm

I’m not too worried. The relay is still quite snug, and I don’t expect guys are removing and reinserting it much anyways. I don’t recommend powering the cytron driver through it either (best with a direct connection to the battery with a separate relay) so the amperage should also be low.

That being said, If I end up ordering more PCBs I think I’ll design it with a smaller relay without a socket, directly soldered to the PCB.

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All good having one board is 100% better than my multi boards option. I will add a image later

The proper socket just has spade connectors covered by plastic anyway. I don’t think the relay will fail, how often do you change relays in a vehicle? Soldering relay right to board also seems valid now.

When first building the board I was worried about letting the smoke out so I put in the socket. But no smoke, no problems.


I’ll never forget that very special one way smoke. It’s like it’s laughing at me when I see it. It can be a very expensive smoke…

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That is a great link, I lost a bit of faith with Ali express due to promised delivery compared to actual delivery times.

Ive had items delayed 6 months, but I can wait for $51 savings on $60 in fuse holders.

Toggle switch on Ali $1, at princess auto $6 same switch. Only difference is one has packaging, and no wait.

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I am interested in Gorm’s all in one board also but he hasn’t been on the site for sometime and his links to his newest in development board are no longer working.

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