M8p Configuration

Help configuring my U-Blox M8P-2 to get my location with an NTRIP client!

I have a good com Port In Win10:
U-Center sees the port and is connecting to the Caster over the Web that I have chosen:
I am getting a blinking light on ‘TP’ led and 3D fix.
But, Lefebure NTRIP client doesn’t recognize the port - COM5

I bought a USB to TTL in hopes that is the direction to go. I could use some help in the details of how to properly configure the Com Port.
Here is the enclosure with the USB to TTL and the GPS and othere USB connected on the M8P board:

The driver problem strikes again!
See this link Issue with u-blox USB drivers – rtklibexplorer

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Hmm, Brofarm…Maybe I am missing something, but that link says to use the u-blox Virtual COM Port driver as it may be noted in the first picture in this thread, is the one actually in use here showing up as COM5.

As RTKLibexplorer dude https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/9e48e2d14103ab960c0050fecb3243e9?s=150&r=pg&d=mm states:
Installing the u-blox Virtual COM Port driver is also another option instead of using the Windows COM port driver, which is what is in use.

So, earlier, I was looking through the thread started by ‘ibernat’ @Brofarmhttps://discourse.agopengps.com/t/agopengps-with-rtknavi-and-u-blox-neo-m8t-configuration-guide/1043

This com port (5) with the M8P is connected to the USB port on the board and then to the WIN10 box, then I am trying to use AGOpengps and or the NTRIP Client to open the port. Should I be using the TTL to USB from the board to the 'puter, or a virtual com port driver?

I have an F9P board but I assume it’s the same issue. Don’t use the UBlox virtual port with win 10. Plug in via the board usb and use the driver win 10 issues. As @Brofarm says.

Here goes: Uninstall u-blox driver

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OK, the action of reverting to the Windows driver for the M8P has stopped it from working in ‘U-Center’.
In Device Manager, the M8P is listed as USD Serial Device (COM5) ver 10.0.18362.1

Further, in AGOpenGPS the Port does not open. In Lebebure, as a NTRIP Client, I am getting an unhandled exception.

Maybe to resolve this question: Would one of the F9P boards, from Sparkfun or Adafruit, not from U-Blox be a better choice to get going here? Where I want to be is having an accurate gps connected to my Win10 notebook, with corrections from an NTRIP Stream over the web and using the location in AgOpenGPS or OpenGrade.

When I got my ardusimple board I had to follow a procedure similar to the one in the link above to get it to work. I mistakenly downloaded and installed the UBlox driver on the first device i used it on.

It shows up as a com port on every new device without issues.

So, I went to U-Blox and downloaded their sensor driver and installed it. The Virtual ports, as another person posted as their solution, are there too. There is no Com Port now for the C94-M8P. See below:


I’ll delete the port, reboot and see what Windows can find?

This is the issue as far as I can see. It’s what I did and it doesn’t work with win10.

I’m not a windows user really. AOG is the only thing I use it for. Well possibly snip too but that’s directly related.

@ Thanks so far folks.

A Roll-back of the driver gave these new ports (COM7 and 8):

How to get corrected GPS datum from the CORS site now… I have a working connection to the NTRIP Server as verified earlier with U-center and the Lefebure client. I’ll try to connect it in AgOpenGPS NTRIP Client Settings. This Is progress!

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Caster is not connected for some reason, although the gps on COM8 is connected The message that a restart required still shows after restarting AgOpenGPS in the NTRIP Client The C94-M8P board LED is blinking at ‘TP LED’‘RTK’ LED is not lit.


This looks like incorrect settings for ntrip on AOG.

You are connecting to a remote caster or your own?

The Caster is on the web, not too far from me. Here are the settings which worked in Lefebure and U-Center:


The ‘restart required’ is on even after a reboot. ‘NTRIP on’ is checked, usually!

I can’t find that mount point on that IP’s caster table?

is it an unlisted one?


There is no .1 on the end.

You are near Willow?

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Let me look it up…In the meantime, here it is in U-Center, connected…



This is the Caster:
AC53_RTCM3 RTCM 3.1 1004(1),1005(60),1007(60),1012(1),1033(60) GPS+GLO UNAVCO USA Map

I will check my settings in AOG

Your mount in AOG is mis-typed.


Thank You! I just saw tHAt!

It should be AC53_RTCM3
EDIT: Thank you for the help! I have reached my limit of messages for a new user and cannot add more details except to say here that I fixed the caster name and the credentials appear correct, but it is not connecting to Caster, for some reason! I feel that there has been progress!! Thanks!!!

Is it possible to be a firewall issue at this point? U-Center connects, but not AOG.

Yes. That is listed anyway. Providing you have the password and user correct is should work.