Machine board with work switch input

Is there a machine board .ino that has a work switch input. I am looking to do section control and receive the work switch on the same nano with relay module mounted on the planter frame.

I don’t see a pgn that gets the work switch without sending other data that the machine board would not have. The only place I see the switchstatus is sent is in cpgn_fd or PGN_253.

It would be nice if it could be configured to come from another source other than the steer board. Maybe there is a way I am not seeing right now.

Thanks in advance.

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Did you ever get something figured out?

Just ran the switch in and tied it to the steer board.

I see. Well I’m just using a machine board right now as the tractor has greenstar in it so not sure what I’ll do. I thought maybe I could use a usb NumPad but for some reason the numpad on my keyboard here doesn’t work.

You could use another nano configured as a steer module just for the work switch. Not exactly simple but it could work. No pun intended.

What about making a new PGN that contains the work switch status and is picked up by the steer board and packed into PGN 253.

Sounds like a reasonable solution.

Had thought of that. Probably the easiest at this point if I can find some room in my box.

Ok so if I’m correct, if I have a separate UDP steer nano I should be able to ground out one of the pins as the workswitch? Is this correct? And does it make sense that it is pin D7?

According to the Autosteer_UDP_v5.ino pin D7 is the work switch. Makes sense to me.

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That works. Thanks :+1:

Good morning, I do not know if it can suit you but I know this assembly.

like @Flo says in this example we can see the pgn 234 EA use to control the switch ( thanks @Daniel for this nice code )

as i undersandand
depend of the value of main ( like this " AOG[5] = (uint8_t)mainByte; "

0 = manual
1= automatique
2= nothing

the imp switch is directly control with the function

The switchbox PGN. That will work as long as you are not using an actual switchbox separate from this machine control board.

However the original request was to have the machine (work) switch packed into another PGN that was used by a Machine board on the implement itself.

The only issue I see here is that a switchbox might be in use in the cab. The machine board on the implement. There could be a conflict between the two. I think ultimately the work switch needs to be configurable from two or more sources (steer module, machine board, switchbox, etc.)

Hi, you are on the right track. For sprayer use you use a (on)-0-(on) toggle switch and send these bits 2-3 times (at change and at 1 Hz). So the buttons on the screen and the switch in the box have equal rights.
For a seeder that might be lifted up and then is not able to seed, you should send “off” as long as lifted and “on” 2 or 3 times when back in the soil. So you will to be able to switch off on the screen. This will turn on/off AgOpenGPS auto section control.
Alternatively you could send the off bit for each section when lifted = off group 0 = 8 bits = section 1 to 8. And send nothing when seeder is in the soil. This will turn the single section buttons in AgOpenGPS red and green.

It is possible to separate the relais from the switch board. BUT only one board can send data to AgOpenGPS, number of boards receiving data is kind of unlimited when using UDP.

My code should support your needs, it also supports hitch level sensors as main switch.
I didn’t code it recently but works with 5.7.2
I would prefer the esp32, ethernet via w5500 mini.
The nano33iot doesn’t work really stable with wifi, whereas the esp32 does.



PS: sorry for not replying immediately, lot’s of work and family stuff