Machine control UDP V5

Hello, I would like to add a machine control to my assembly, which is all in UDP.
Does anyone have a modified Ino Machine_USB_v5_0 file for UDP communication?
Thank you

It is included in the “support” file (AgOpenGPS/Support/ArduinoModules/ InoFiles)

There is only Autosteer_UDP_v5_0 and IMU_UDP_v5_0 in UDP communication, I see no “Machine_UDP_v5_0” file, the files Machine_USB_v5_0 and Machine_USB_46 communicate with AOG by USB
I searched in the MTZ folder, but from what I understood its not suitable for an Arduino nano / uno with an enc28j60

Sorry, I read your question too quickly.
I haven’t seen a UDP .ino machine but a few have tried wifi to avoid a cable between the machine and the tractor. Maybe ask them.

The arduino and the relays will remain in the cabin. my installation is already done, I just have to connect an additional arduino to my ethernet switch to manage the relays. I need to manage the tramlines and hyd lift.
for the sections, you would need an arduino Mega because the pins D10, D11, D12, D13 are taken by the enc28j60.
I just asked if anyone had modified the Machine_USB_v5_0 file to communicate with an enc28j60.
I will try to modify the file, for use in UDP

I think you basically need to merge the relevant parts from the machine USB ino with a UDP ino.

Hello, UDP machine works for me, but I couldn’t change server port and client in AOG. 8888 and 9999. with those it works …

Hello, which machine are you using udp? I can’t find it in the folder. Machine udp.

Hi, OK yes, I use soft pc and dial in udp protocol with aog… Tomorrow see arduino code, and return in aog forum for info… The udp is very good for work…

You want use wire connection? Of wifi connection for udp?

Cable connection would be better for me. Thanks.

Hi , yes ok , have the solution ! . Using a composant UDP-SĂ©rial . Very good . connected at RX TX arduino .
USRIOT USR-TCP232-T 2 Minuscule Serial Ethernet Module convertisseur UART série TTL Ethernet Module TCPIP support DHCP et DNS: Informatique
better prices in aliexpress … but good product . configuration in UDPmode and Broadcast …
i using this with wire ans other with wifi , but all in UDP …and arduino in sérial …

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I had thought about it, but I had no tcp232 on hand. Why not do the same for the pcb, instead of the enc28j60?

Hi, How did you configure your TCP232?

hi , easy when you know , but the first time … but : no problem , if you have the module usr , i m ready for explain to you . and with pleasure !!!

Thank you
I received the usr module. I have already configured a tcp232 to connect an f9p in UDP.
For the second tcp232, I configured the baud rate to 38400, work mode: UDP.
The tx from tcp232 to rx0 from the nano and rx tcp232 to tx1 from the nano.
tcp232 supplied with 5V
For IP and Port, I don’t know.

Have you a router in your config if you have many mofules wifi, nessrsary à router wifi type tplink and all connect at router…

In Your network you need one Access Point
In my case I use Ă  Rpy Zero W and all station are connected to it

the pcb and the f9p are connected by ethernet cable to a tplink ethernet Switch, and then by ethernet cable to my tablet. currently its working fine.

hello, I succeeded in making an assembly, however AgIO does receive information from the arduino in udp, but AgIO does not send data to the arduino. I don’t understand where the error is, do you have any idea? thx