Machine control

Hello, can anyone tell me can i use second arduino nano for machine port and just chose that com port?
And can ibt2 be used for controll linear accutator .
I was thinking to connect ibt on output for relay on arduino becouse i need to change direction on motor.

yes a second arduino

you can use two relais connect to the same signal to reverse the polarity

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Yes to ibt2 on actuator I use this to steer my lawn tractor. The actuator is ex NH combine and draws about 7 amps, to protect the ibt2 I use 7.5 amp inline fuse.You do need quite a fast actuator for steering.

It is not for steereng, it’s for machine that i put linear acutator.
It’s ia a fertilizer spreader machine.
Acutator open’s and closes it.
And i need direction change to be able to open ond close it.
That’s why i tought to use ibt2 it can rorate + and - to change direction.

For simple on / off the relay board can do that. It has NO/NC ports.

Yes, you can use an IBT2 to control a linear actuator.

If the linear actuator has built in end of stroke switches (to prevent damage during stalling), then you can also just use a single DPDT relay to flip direction.

if you use two relays on the machine board, connect 12v to the normally open contacts on both relays, then connect ground to both normally closed contacts. Then connect one actuator wire to the common contact on relay 1 and the other actuator wire to the common contact on relay two. Now one relay will make it open and the other will make it close.

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Thanks very much, i will try that.

As drawn, the actuator will get power with no signal to the relays, and both relays need activation to reverse. If you want the actuator to normally do nothing, use two signals from the Nano, one to control forward & one for reverse, then connect the 12V to both NO and gnd to both NC.


I’m sorry, can you picture that?I need accutator to be always on voltage(he has limiter switches inside)

Only when agopen gps give him a signal then change direction, when signal is off he returns on previous voltage direction.

so schematic is correct and arduino code can be use as it is

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how are you setting it up so that actuator is not pushing against the hard stop

The actuator has a stop switch at max. and min. position. AOG has no way to sense when to stop the actoator (for now ;). So either open close. Half way is not possible.

You can get programmable actuator conyrollers. You’d have to wire AOG into the controller for that, and use the controller for how far the actuator extends or retracts. Each relay will be for a differnet setting
( up to 3).


any change of a photo of your arrangement, sensor types etc please. I tried a linear actuator to rotate a lever once, (completely seperate to AOG) the actuator rotated v fast and lever used to thump into the sensor.

That depends on your actuator and how fast it is. You can get all types of speeds and force. Most actuators will extend or retract untill they reach the internal limit switch. Unless the power gets cut.

Then there is the ones the have an imternal distance measurement system. With these actuator you can read out the possition of the a tuator and stop it at a specific point during travel. You just have to ranslate theoutput output into distance.

Princes auto sells a module with 3 settings you can addto such an actuator.

Or the rate controller in AOG should be able to dobthat as well.

It all depends on what you want to do with the actuator.
That you havent told us yet. Maybe you can describe what you want the
tuTor to do. Tons of super smart people here, and way smarter than I am. Maybe we can help.

I would like to use actuator instead of hydraulic ram for fertilizer spreader control. Tractor is short on spool valves

With hydraulic control opening is controlled by ram extension and adjustable mechanical stop.

I am quite happy with the mechanical stop arrangement, however actuator has to be setup in such a way that it gives the mechanical stop a gentle push and then stops.

Does the mechanical stop control the application rate?

You’d have to rebuild the end switch as external limit switch wich you can adjust. Be aware than actuators are often slower than hydraulic cylinders.

Or add an external switch that cuts power